Hair Texturizers VS Relaxers: What are The Differences?

Are you discouraged from chemically treating your hair? You can be, and the cause is damaging hair.

But it is always right for all hair treatment. If you know how to treat and take care of chemically treated hair, it won’t difficult to manage.

Once you can understand texturizers vs relaxers and the difference between them, you will be able to take proper select of hair fully and luxuriously.

Texturizers vs Relaxers

Texturizers vs Relaxers, what will well for your hair? Taking this decision will easy when you can understand the difference between both of them clearly.

Let’s see them separately.  

What Is A Hair Texturizers?

The texturizers can relax the natural curl patterns in hair. The main purpose of it is to take your curled hair tightly and loosen it. The job of this process not only is to straighten your hair but also relieve a few tensions in curl hair. 

The result of it is loose waves of curls as a disparate to coiled spirals strongly. The advantages of the texturizer for natural hair are that, it is so easier to comb and create the style without damaging string.

What Types of Hair Allow for texturizer?

If you belong to short hair, this is the best style for you. If you desire to shorten your hair, it can be effective since you will cut the damaged hair as it grows. Therefore, you should not worry about matching your new growth with developmental hair.

The complete method of maintaining the uniform hair textures is quite tricky if you belong to long hair. You may have an unusual texture that is quite difficult. And you may also have different textures where a few strands completely simple than other curly or wavy hairs.

Use of Texturizers

Use the texturizers that built with herbal plus botanical elements and develop the situation of losing your curls hair. Application processes differ for every product, but most of the texturizers are on hair for a dumpy time. 

Once a texture is on, and it doesn’t have to be combed by the hair. It can straighten your hair as opposed to loosening the curls hair.  

Pros & Cons of Texturizer

As a product, texturizer for black hair has some pros and cons. You should have an idea about them so that you can handle your hair properly.


  • You can be texturizing less damaging than relaxers. In this case, the chemicals are left on your hair for a short time.
  • It permits you to keep the same curl outline on the hair in their loose-fitting form. It makes the bouncy curls when making the loose-fitting wavy hairs.
  • If you desire pure and naturally curly hair, it can be more comfortable when you have texturized your hair first.
  •  They also allow you to switch from wavy to curly hair to straight while you will go for using styling tools with products.
  • The hair is handy and so trouble-free to style.


  • It is problematic while you have to get consistent results when you have long hair. It’ll work better if you have short or medium hair.
  • If you ever want to shift the style to permanent locks and curls, you don’t have to use the technique as it changes the hair texture fully.
  • The use of chemicals is not a natural process.
Relaxers hair

What is Relaxers?

A relaxer is a process that will straighten your hair thoroughly. It can leave your hair with sleek and make more straighten that no other method can. It is so close to the perm process, but people don’t mistake verify them accurately.

The Relaxer comes with a no-lye formula that is potential for your scalp burning. Skin biology reported that sodium hydroxide is a general element in relaxers.

This chemical modifies the pH factor of the hair that will work to straighten it. The formula of no-lye is used to guanidine the hydroxide that can be affected for less- hair damage.

What Types of Hair Allow for Relaxer?

The Relaxer is ideal for every type of hair texture. If your hair becomes so thin and damage for several reasons, you are allowed to use Relaxer.

It is a perfect style for any types of hair that are seeking for a trouble-free organization of the hair. If you don’t like the curly hair, it’ll be the best selection.

Use of Relaxer

Relaxers require harsh chemicals to the users following the instructions that supply with the product concerning the application with pre and postconditioning. The product is able to guide the situation of how time-consuming to depart the Relaxer on the hair after using it.

When you will go for washing your hair using warm water and then use neutralizer, it supplies the essential chemical. It works to stop the action wholly and remain your hair from over-processing.


  • You can improve the sleek and straight strands. Just learn what you won’t have curls any longer.
  • This process makes it easy for you to make several styles of your hair than when you have naturally curly hair.
  • It will become the reason for frizz.


  • It can be overwhelming while you understand that you won’t desire curly hair for a long time.
  • This process needs a lot of taking care of. Otherwise, there has a ton of chance to break the hair.
  • Keep in mind you are going to use powerful chemicals that will be the cause of changing the hair texture.
  • It can be shred the hair by its natural oils.

Key differences: Texturizers vs Relaxers 


The main difference between them is time. The means of it is how long the hair process will take to develop. The hair texturizers need only 10 to 15 minutes to process and will have the chemical alter the hair strand composition.

The Relaxer will take just 15 to 20 minutes to complete the straighten your hair correctly. Notice the times as it will give different results when you think of getting the hair texturizers or relaxers.

Though the texturizers and the relaxers contain similar chemical composition, a few people use both of them interchangeably. But the significant difference is in the processing time that needs to process the chemical in the hair correctly.

The results:

You can see different results between them. The Relaxer works to give you straight hair. And the texturizer can be used to remove the curls.

Cares for Texturizers and Relaxers

  • After taking hair texturizer vs relaxer, you have to skip again wash the hair at least for 48-hours.
  • Moisturize and hydrate the hair.
  • Use the standard shampoo with a conditioner that will help you to keep moisturize and healthy your hair.
  • Use an ideal hair mask to treat the relaxer vs texturizer hair. It will be working as a conditioner that needs for chemically treated hair.
  •  Use the correct combs and brush-like use small toothed combs for relaxed hair and wide-tooth comb for the texturized hair.


Hopefully, you have understood between the differences of texturizers vs relaxers hair. Whatever, you have selected one of them, and you can do it but think before what will suit your hair. After taking any one of them, you should take care of your hair properly to protect from breakage or damage the hair.

Have a enjoy a beautiful hairstyle with a good day! 

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