8 Best Blue Black Hair Dye for Dark Hair | Buying Guide

Are you seeking a trendy, luxurious, plus classy color to dying your black hair? So, blue black is to the right to go. This review post can help you to get the best blue black hair dye for dark hair.

Black hair always is a unique appeal representing power and energy twists a good-looking young woman with a gorgeous princess appearance.

But when you notice the hair become gray or white, you should try a  Blue black hair dye that will give you a fantastic look.

Blue black hair color is an excellent dye; you will have an illusion of your dark or natural hair. But while the hair focuses on the light, a blue glitter will be a head-turner with a grand surprise.

This review post selected the best blue black hair dye for dark hair after adequate research.

So, what are you thinking?

Keep reading on for more tips and tricks about dying the blue black hair.    

At A Glance: Best Blue Black Hair Dye for Dark Hair

To save time and energy, we have made a comparison chart below that helps you select the best blue black hair dye for dark hair. Here we have selected the most preferred products from the present market.

Top 8 Blue Black Hair Dye

Now you have to decide the color for your hair, and all the top picks by our experts are left below with details.

Well! It can be tough to select the best. But guys don’t need to think more! We have shown here all facts and make easier for you. This section must help you to discover the best blue black hair dye for dark hair. 

1. L’Oreal Paris Feria Permanent Hair Color

L'Oreal Paris Feria Permanent Hair Color

Are you seeking for best permanent hair color? Get ready for the best products that will make the jaw drop. This is a multifaceted dying product that gives your hair a shimmering look. And the L’Oreal Paris Feria conditioner nourishes the hair plus makes the hair color last longer.

This product offer salon and professional quality highlights at home. It is suitable for sensitive scalp and gives a natural look. It contains a gentle plus deep conditioning formula that provides 3x highlights with each shade. 

It won’t leave the hair dull, dehydrated, and damaged. WE recommend this product to cover the grays with a super preference line. The application of this dye is easy but keep in mind that it drips a little. Follow the safety information must.

2. L’Oreal Paris Superior Permanent Hair Color

L'Oreal Paris Superior Permanent Hair Color

If you desire a rich and vibrant color without hurtful strands, L’Oreal Superior Preference will make the best bet. This product offers a fade-defying formula to provide a long-lasting outcome.

To transform the hair completely, adding highlights, this hair dye can do your job. It works effectively to camouflage the grays. The reliable formula provides you up to 6 to 8 weeks of fade-defying color.    

It includes gel such as texture that is very easy to apply, which means you can’t need to visit the stylist to gain a suitable shade. And you can get the perfect hair dye. Your tresses can look a full natural style with multidimensional shade to turns the hairs.  

It contains a care supreme conditioner to help maintain vibrancy. This conditioner can make the hair smooth, frizz-free, plus shiny. It contains vitamin E, an anti-oxidant, with a UV filter to the hair stable and healthy. 

3. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme

For the best brand that contains the perfect oil to make sure it locks moisturizes the hair, you have to think for Garnier products. It includes avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and shea oil.

This dye item enriches with essential ingredients that need for long-lasting color that has a gray color.When a question comes to face or hair care products, it comes for well-known brands and provides the best result.

It has come with the color boost technology that nourishing the crème penetrates into strands. It is another non-drip color crème that spreads and works faster and holds the dying color for a long time.

4. Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Color Cream

Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Color Cream

If you desire to get gorgeous permanent hair color after one application, you should try Garnier Nutrisse permanent dye cream. There are various reasons to choose this product. First of all, it is nourishing the hair and saves it from unnecessary damage.

The formula of it boasts the intensity and increasing dye boost technology, which can transform the look even if your hair is so darkest. It’ll offer the blue-black pigments and then provide the wanted shade.

What’s more? This hair dye product comes with a conditioner that needs to infuse with the best result of avocado oil. This oil contains oleic acid, which penetrates your hair shaft and moisturizes the hair deeply. The olive oil and shea butter work for better moisturizing and strengthen the hair, reducing scalp irritation and dandruff.

5. Clairol Nice’n Permanent Hair Color

Clairol Nice'n Permanent Hair Color

If you want to get a permanent black hair color for 100% gray coverage, the Clariol Nice’n hair color is a great choice to touch up for dying the inevitable hair. The brand hair color has been around for decades, and many customers love the better result it can deliver.

This hair color is not only useful for pigments that hair well but also makes the hair shinier. This product can help you to hide the gray hair, which is more exciting. It takes about 30-minutes after applying it and gets smooth and shiny hair instantly.

This hair color comes with an extraordinary ColorSeal conditioning gloss which works to lock the moisture and dye a gorgeous color with a nice shine. This color lasts long up to 8-weeks. Thanks to a non-drip formula which makes this cream easy to apply and stays on the hair for a long time.

6.  Revlon Colorsilk Permanent Hair Color

Revlon Colorsilk Permanent Hair Color

Are you searching for ammonia-free and provide complete gray coverage? You just think of Revlon Colorsilk hair color that offers natural blue-black shade. It features exclusive color gel technology that brings a naturally rich appearance with multi-tonal shades.

The blue black dye looks multidimensional plus extremely natural. You can expect the color for a longer time, so this makes sure the shine you find leaves the hair in healthier condition.

100% gray coverage with 3D color gel technology can provide creamily and natural-looking with multidimensional color, and the shine can long-lasting. The shade will change the look that allows you to color your hair like a professional salon at home.

7.  Vidal Sassoon London Luxe color cream

Vidal Sassoon London Luxe color cream

If you want to dye your hair just like a professional salon with stylish and shiny hair at home, this Vidal Sassoon London luxe hair color cream will go for you. It contains a lot of ultra-vibrant and fashion-forward shades.

Every color is crafted to provide shiny, delightful, and moisturize dye at home simply. This color can last an extended 8-week without damaging the hair and stay professional quality hair color. Every shade of it blends for calibrating the perfect combination of pigments.

If you try a midnight blue hair dye on your black hair, it should be a great choice. The application part of it is drip-free and even mess-free. Now you can allow your hair-dying ideas to run with this fantastic color from Vidal Sassoon.

8.  John Frieda Precision Hair Foam Color

John Frieda Precision Hair Foam Color

Do you desire a long lasting permanent hair foam color? There have a lot of facts that stand out in the case of blue black precision foam color. The first fact is that the John Frieda contains foam technology which delivers salon-grade result at home.

The natural shiny look who wanted? Achieve them by yourself quickly and easily; just open the kit and apply instantly. Without stain, drip, and fuss, just get gorgeous blue black hair; easily use this dye kit.

This permanent hair color tone and shade will long be lasting about a few months. The hair color penetrates each strand to deliver deep color saturation with complete gray coverage. You find a nourishing after coloring and conditioner for sealing the dye and offer long-lasting richness. So, you plus your hair, all of you are set!

Essential Factors Before Dying The Hair

Essential Factors Before Dying The Hair

It is the most significant to think of some essential facts before dying your Blackish blue hair. These facts help you to guide the right way to dye and keep your hair healthy.

1. Know Skin Tone

To select the right Black blue hair, you must know your skin tone plus eye color. To test your skin tone, look at your vein and wrists. If your vein appears very green, you have warm skin. If you look your vein bluish, the skin is cool.

So, for a warmer or golden skin tone, get the warmer hair color. And for more relaxed skin, choose the cool or lustrous hair color.

2. Know Hair’s Natural Color

Know Hair’s Natural Color

Most professional hairstylists suggest that’s two shades like lighter and darker for your natural hair color. It looks more natural and is easy to maintain.

For colored hair, you should try a similar color, but different tones or darker color since the first treatment can’t work to eradicate the previous hair color.

Blue black, a cool color, suits dark brown, or try natural black hair. If your hair is lighter, it is better to try darker color first.

3. Select Your Hair Color

Using our previous tips, you have known which shade is your hair probably. At the beginner level, when you are going to dying your hair for the first time, try two shades one after one. If you have any doubt, apply lighter as the first application, making the hair darker quickly.

4. Think about Hair Texture

What are the hair textures – coarse or smooth? Which one is your hair? Know it first.

If coarse hair, the darker color will make your hair healthier and strong enough with moisturize. If your hair is porous, blue black will change the ideal color for you.

Different Types Of Hair Dye

Different Types Of Hair Dye

Before fixing your mind for the best blue black hair dye for dark hair, you should be familiar with different types of hair dyes. You have to know how they toil and what are the benefits and drawback of them.  

Rinse color

The first type of color is the safest way to dye the hair. It comes without ammonia or any peroxide, making this color super protective and gentle for any hair. A color rinse is ideal for those people who would like to modify their hair color without harm the hair.


Semi-permanent color is parallel to rinse stain. But a few differences have, like semi-permanent dye durable by use and make your hair healthier. It takes only 30-minutes to seal the color properly.


Demi-permanent dyes are free-from ammonia but contain peroxides. This color lasts a long time and more vibrant. This color provides grand coverage for the gray hair.

Temporary color

Temporary hair dye is the best when you want to color your hair occasionally. You get them in a spray, and you can color the hair immediately. It is safe for every type of hair. 

Permanent colors

For this type of color, you should go to the specialist or stylists who work for hair dying. It is the longest and contains ammonia and peroxide. This dying is tough to maintain as the color tends to fade.

So, How to Blue Black Hair Dye Right?

How to Blue Black Hair Dye Right

After knowing the key information, it is your time to look at how to dye your hair. Well, the right way to do it going to an expert and get this job. But we know you try to do it yourself at home. So, here is a process how do you do it and get the right way.

First step: Bleach

In the first step, bleach the hair. It is an essential step to lighten the hair to get the best result. If your hair is black or darker, you have to bleach it more than one time to lighten your hair. But if your hair is already lighter, you can skip this step.

Most often, it’s seen bluish tint can’t adhere to darker hair finely. So, bleaching is mandatory if you want to get the best result. You also have to mind that don’t apply the hair bleach if your hair isn’t in perfect condition or damaged hair.

Second Step: Dye

Now it’s time to dye your hair with the best blue black hair dye for dark hair professional brands when you complete the first step. Ensure to read out the instruction before starting coloring the hair.

Wear handle gloves and old clothes to save from staining. Coat the hairline with the ear and neck using Vaseline. Section your hair before starting dying. Now apply the color from top to bottom of the hair without scalp. Set the mentioned time and leave it for that duration.

Finally, wash and get beautiful hair.  

How to maintain Dying Hair For Longer?

After dying the hair, it becomes to look dry and unkempt gradually. To skip this situation, you have to give extra time and care for your dying hair. What have to do? Let’s see.

  • Wash your hair twice a week, not more than
  • Keep in mind that more time washes fading the color easily
  • Use the shampoo and conditioner, which especially comes for damaged or colored hair. They work for nourishment and proper hair care
  • Deep conditioning goes a long way after dyed hair
  • Wash the hair using cold water because it locks the hair nutrients with adequate moisture
  • After permanent hair dying, the deep condition must be essential
  • Lastly, avoid direct sun exposure. Apply hair products prepared with UV protection

Tips to Select The Best Blue Black Dye for Black hair

If you have already gone through the following tips and information, you have to know how to choose the best product. Wrong product damage the hair that you don’t want.

So, what needs to look to get the right product? Below have a few things that you should remind before purchasing any dye items.

Fixed your needs

When you are in the market to get the best blue black hair dye for dark hair salon brands, first, you have to decide what types of hair dye you need. Do you want to get last longer, dying or temporary? Based on your preference, go for permanent, semi-permanent, or demi-permanent hair dye.

Go For Gentle Product

You want to color your hair but don’t desire to damage the hair anyway, right? For this, you have to make sure o get gentle products. Check the ingredients of the dye items and avoid difficult things always. Skip ammonia formula and go with the products that contain natural oil. 

Non-drip Formula

If you aren’t an expert in the dye department, you have to buy non-drip dye color. Otherwise, it will difficult for you to color your hair. Plus, the color will be a stain on your ears, face, neck, and other areas on the body or clothes. So, when you will go to dye your hair at home, buy non-drip hair color.  


If you want to get soft and sleek hair dye, conditioning is a significant way. Check the dye pack includes a conditioner or not. Sometimes the dye pack adds conditioner; some are not with other kits like hand gloves if you don’t get a conditioner to check the other ingredients like jojoba oil or argan oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Blue Black A Natural Hair Color?

There has no chance to born with a blue and black hair color combination naturally. So, the answer is no, and blue black is not natural hair. The natural color of the hair depends on the pigment in your hair.

2. Have You To Wash The Hair Before Dying?

No, you shouldn’t wash your hair before coloring your hair the same day.
The scalp and hair naturally produce natural oil. This oil is essential to absorb the color faster. At the same time, his oil removes the chemical present in your dying hair. It saves your scalp and hair from damage.

3. Is It Possible To Dye Red Hair Blue Black Color?

Honestly, red and blue both are bright dying. So, the result would look peculiar. But still desire to dye red hair blue black, you can go for the blue discrepancy. At first, you should decolorize the red hair that means lighter them so that the blue darkness will stand out.

4. How does the dying hair long lasting?

It depends on the dying type. For example, if you dye permanent, it lasts longer, 8 to 10 weeks. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair dye will last about 10-15 shampoos. The semi-permanent hair dye can’t last long, more than one month. 

5. Can I color wet hair?

Yes, Experts suggest always dyeing your hair when it’s wet, and it is an effective way. It makes sure the better result and needs to use less color, and it is take away level to damage.

You’ve Reached the End!

We have reviewed excellent products for each best blue black hair dye for dark hair for making your shiny and luxurious. Those colors are perfect for blue-black, and all of them last for 8 to 10 weeks. All of them come with an extra conditioner for nourishing and protecting your dyed hair.

Almost every product contains some other ingredients that will save your hair from damage or looking dull. For example, avocado oil, argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and so on. Some of them are equipped with pomegranate to add additional shine and smoothness.

You can go for ammonia-free hair dye products from here. AS for finding access to more information about hair dyes, we have explained that as well. So, you have every cause to go for blue black hair dye right way.

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