How to Hide Stretch Marks? Causes & 10 Proven Natural Treatments

Stretch marks are the most common fact which is caused by changing weight or pregnancy. It can happen at any point in our life, but the question is how to hide stretch marks?

This article will show you some remedies which are proven and effective. Every procedure supports you to cover your stretch and save you from embracement. 

Let’s follow my tips.   

What are Stretch marks exactly?

Stretch marks are some white or silver color lines reasoned by stretching of skin’s connective tissues. However, they are not painful but will be deforming in intense cases. When the mid-layer of the skin stretches too faster, some can break the collagen fibers. It lets underlying blood vessels, which cause to show purplish marks on the skin. 

What are Stretch marks exactly

After a while, they become fading or change color as blood vessel repair. Once they look, the stretch marks don’t eliminate completely normally.  

Dermatologist experts have attempted for more years to get a successful treatment to remove stretch marks. But some treatment has which may be helped to show the marks less noticeable than more appearing. Below we will show you some proven methods which you can try depending on your marks.       

Common Reasons for Stretch marks 

Most people think that stretch marks only create during pregnancy time. But it is not true. There are a lot of facts that are responsible for making this type of line on our skins. Here we will discuss some common reasons. 

Growth Spurts: It is also known as weight fluctuation, which is normally seen in our adolescents or pregnant women. It is a reason for marks on claves. 

Stretch marks run horizontally and grow way horizontally. Vertical marks are owing to vertical growth for rapid change in far and muscle in claves. But how to hide stretch marks on claves. Scroll and get more solutions with it.

Muscle Building: Some people do many lower-leg exercises that cause stretch marks on claves. It can create by skin stretching when the muscle grows very fast. 

Genetic: Skin tone, elasticity, and hormonal imbalance of skin can be genetic facts that are also responsible for stretch marks. If you have a family history of stretch marks, there is a chance to get this mark. 

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, weight growth is a common factor, but the legs can’t carry this extra weight. It may reason of stretch marks on claves to look as the skin stretches to carry the baby’s weight. 

How to Hide Stretch Marks? Effective Treatments

How to hide stretch marks treatments

This section will show you two types of treatments, medical and natural or home remedies.  

Medical Treatments

Treatments are available through skin doctor’s treatment that offers hope for decreasing the appearance of marks. But every solution is not ideal or works well for everyone. Let’s see which one will be better for you.

  1. Microdermabrasion: It works by buffing the topper layer of the skin. Its exfoliation motivates the new growth of healthy cells and supports elastin production.
  2. Laser therapy: It can also endorse collagen with elastin making. The laser treatments shoots little pulsation of light into the skin where stretch marks shape if you apply this treatment on stretch marks when they are still red, or a new pulsed dye laser will be extremely effective.
  3. An excimer laser: The laser treatments promote melanin production and change the color or appearance of marks. This treatment is very effective for new stretch marks as the redness gets away thanks to the creation of fresh melanin.
  4. Platelet-rich plasma: PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) has become popular for reviving skin plus increase collagen production. This therapy needs platelet plasma that takes from a person’s blood instantly before starting tasks. 
  5. Plastic Surgery: According to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), it is ideal for removing stretch marks though it doesn’t work 100%. But before taking this method, a person should discuss about its side effects of benefits. 
  6. Nonsurgical Procedures: Nonsurgical treatment procedures to get rid of stretch marks are not more than approaches than plastic surgery. They can restore a normal appearance to the skin, but they won’t remove the marks completely.
  7. Microneedling: It works by tiny needles that are poked into the skin to activate collagen making. The needle points repair faster and permitting new collagen or elastin to produce to repair the area. The new collagen and also elastin may develop the skin’s appearance and even reduce stretch marks gradually.
  8. Microdermabrasion: It is a trouble-free & painless method that decreases the appearance of marks by motivating the skin to make tighter the collagen fibers. Throughout this procedure, little exfoliating crystals are increasing onto the affected areas. 

The crystals are smoothly removed using a hand-held strategy eliminating dead skin. Though they will be successful, it isn’t guaranteed to remove the stretch marks completely.            

Natural Treatments

Here we will show you some more effective home remedies that you can regularly try as a natural aesthetic treatments. They are more useful and proven.

Exercise: Yes, some exercise will help you to get rid of stretch marks on claves. For example, muscle building can tone skin that helps to make the marks less appearance obvious. Make sure to relax some repetitions do that would reason a sudden increase in claves which also can produce inferior stretch marks. 

Diet: Healthy diet and changing lifestyle can also remove stretch marks. Drinking sufficient water keeps well your skin health and hydrated as it decreases the risk of improving marks of skin. Try to maintain a rich diet with essential vitamins like A, E, and C. Adding plenty of protein to build muscle tissue and repair it faster. 

Eat foods that contain high minerals and vitamins. It can develop the skin’s health and diminish the look of stretch marks with other rash spots. 

Weight change: If you deal with weight changing, rapid weight gain, fat growth, or weight loss, it can reason stretch marks to appear. Try to avoid rapid weight changes like weight gain or loss during pregnancy. It must help to skip stretch mark making. 

Use Creams: Topical stretch mark creams are more reasonable ways to reduce the exterior of marks. These creams are highly hydrating topical creams. Using this product regularly helps you to promote collagen making and prevent the appearance of marks lines. 

Homemade creams contain vitamin E and aloe vera that is helpful to treat stretch marks. Massaging creams on the skin regularly will promote the regeneration of your skin cells and encourage collagen making plus develop the skin’s elasticity. 

Apply Gel: Stretch mark gel is also another product to reduce the redness and marks line. The best gels can diminish the color of fresh stretch marks and shrink after a time. Before using the gels, you should discuss them with beauty experts doctor.

Try Lotions: Some lotions are available in the market, which is promised to eliminate stretch marks. These lotions contain a high level of collagens and Vitamins E, which removes the appearance of marks line. They also help to keep the skin moisturize and healthy.  

Tanning Products: Another effective option to get rid of stretch marks is sunless tanning lotions. Before applying tanning creams or other regular tanning products, you have to wash your body clearly. Applying self-tanner products, you can tint the skin lightly, which helps lessen the appearance of stretch marks. 

Use Moisturizer: Use the right moisturizer after taking a bath when skin is damp. It helps products penetrate better, plus keep your skin soft and elastic. A good range of moisturizers for especially stretch marks, is available in the market.  

Wear long pants: If you are thinking about how to hide stretch marks when swimming, you should wear long pants or swimming suits. They help to hide your marks for a while. 

Apply Make-up: A perfect makeup can cover your skin’s marks properly foe sometimes. For this, you can follow my tips below:

  1. Before cover, the stretch uses a scrub for a good exfoliation.
  2. Then apply sunscreen to save your skin from damage.
  3. Now use waterproof concealer on the marks. You can take a single or double-layer depends on your satisfaction. Take help beauty blender, makeup brush or sponge for a good and flawless finish. 
  4. Use loose powder to set up concealer. 
  5. Apply powder using powder brush and leave it for two minutes
  6. Lastly, use a setting spray to fix your makeup. 


How to hide stretch marks in a bikini, I hope you have already enjoyed all medical and organic treatments. From here you can try any ideas depends on your texture of skin. So, what do you think about this post? 

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