9 Best Professional Facial Steamer 2023-Buying Guide

If you are someone to stay at home and still want an exclusive spa day, then a facial steamer can make that happen. You are well aware that facial steaming is in big parlors or salons. It helps to remove skin impurities and keep the face clean from acne or blackheads.  Now with one machine at home, you can do it all by yourself without spending a penny. But, of course, you will need to buy it first with money.

Countless brands and high-end products in the market can make you confused, but our list of the best professional facial steamers here is meant to cut the number short and provide an affordable range. A professional facial steamer is also needed for these grooming places to provide the best services and stay within the competition. We have shortlisted all the recommended brands from customers and other experts to help you make a great choice.  

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Which face steamer is the best? 

steamer for face and nose

We can only name a facial steamer the best when it works effectively to clean pores and hydrate the skin for better absorption of nourishments. So, the one to top it all is the Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer. It has some of the greatest features to work both as a regular spa machine or for professional uses. The ion generator helps to boost the steaming benefits, which in turn, boosts the skin condition.

Another great thing is the five-piece extractors to get rid of irritating blackheads, blemishes, or acne. Last but not the least, it can also work as a humidifier to turn the room into a temporary sauna. 

Do dermatologists recommend facial steaming?

disadvantages of steaming face everyday

If you have oily, or acne-prone skin then facial steamers can become your best friends, as told by many dermatologists. This is because it helps to unclog pores, removes blemish and blackheads, and allows better absorption of skincare products. A facial steaming routine, not only provides a fancy spa at home but also removes your skin issues and impurities. However, dermatologists don’t recommend it for dry or sensitive skin.

Besides, they also suggest that facial steaming is only harmless when done properly, for the right amount of time, and maintained within a weekly routine. 

How often should you use a face steamer?

Facial steamers are made to work for more than thrice a week, depending on your skin type. Those who have rough, oily, and acne-prone skin can use it more frequently. More steaming will help to revitalize your skin and make it smoother, and free of impurities. Although facial steamers are discouraged for sensitive or dry skins, you can also use them as per need, but lesser, perhaps only once a week.

However, regardless of the skin type, firstly you should ensure that the steaming isn’t causing any negative reactions. Depending on how the skin reacts, select the frequency of steaming, or not do it at all. 

What is the purpose of a facial steamer?

what to do before and after steaming face

Facial steamers have various benefits, both in beauty care and health. But mostly, people love it for the skin benefits and the home spa. Firstly, it will cleanse more thoroughly than your regular cleansing products. It does this by opening the pores to remove the dirt hidden deeper. This also loosens the blackheads, dead skin cells, and pimples which become easier to remove. Your sebum is opened for better regulation of oil.

So, overall, your skin will have more hydration, and nourishment from different products. You can also have an anti-aging effect due to the production of elastin and collagen. Lastly, it regulates blood circulation for healthier skin and glow, and makes you feel better.  

1. LCL Beauty 3 in 1 High Frequency, Facial Steamer

lcl beauty facial steamer instructions

If you want a complete package for facials, then LCL Beauty 3-in-1 Facial Steamer is the one for you. It consists of aromatherapy and ozone functions with several glass containers for different purposes. We can add essential oils and dried herbs with water to be released through the steam. In addition to these, there is a 5 times magnification lamp for checking skin impurities after steaming. 

Another 8x high-magnification loupe will further aid in skin purification. The whole process will hydrate the skin and allow maximum penetration for other skincare products. Due to the high frequency, the steam is made thick and reaches faster. So, we have listed it as one of the best professional facial steamers with high frequency with a professional-grade build.

Key Features


Here we have an A-grade machine with a durable design. It has 2 different high magnification lamps and 4 glass containers. The whole thing is easy to adjust and move around with the wheels.


A high-frequency steamer means that it has a good power supply to provide thicker and stronger steam. Besides, it will heat water in all the containers within some moments.


This one has an ozone function for deep cleansing and nourishment for the skin. Along with aromatherapy, your skin will have a rejuvenation.


  • Multiple parts within a compact structure
  • Aromatherapy and ozone function
  • Durable and portable
  • Greater magnification for clarity
  • Includes lens cover


  • The steamer bracket might be stiff

2. Funnylife 3 in 1 Aromatherapy Facial Steamer 

3 in 1 facial steamer

There are some good reasons that the Funnylife 3-in-1 Facial Steamer should be on your list. You can use it as a standing steamer due to its adjustable arm design with pivot motion. Put distilled water inside it for heating fast and powerfully to provide steam with high pressure. This is useful for opening pores and helping with other facial treatments. 

The ultraviolet ozone technology works to purify the steam so that you have a safer spa. You also get a basket to add some herbal products or essential oils along with the steam for aroma passing through the nozzle. Since this steamer allows you an exclusive spa-like treatment at home, this is a great professional face steamer machine for different purposes. 

Key Features


This steamer has an LED lamp with 5 times magnification, and also an integrated lens cover. Although it is a three-part movable machine, it is very durable and convenient to use, especially by standing. The wheels underneath make it portable, even with the bulky outlook.


Since the water gets hot quickly to produce high-pressure steam, it is safe to assume that this steamer works with great speed. So, we don’t have to wait for long to get thick and dense steam.


Here we get a UV Ozone technology that works to purify steam after it is released. So, you will have a safe and clean facial aromatherapy. This function also allows professional aromatherapy. 


  • Ozone purification technology
  • Greater magnifying LED lamp
  • Fast heating function 
  • High-pressure steam 
  • Separate basket for aromatherapy


  • No user manual

3. Nova Microdermabrasion 2 in 1 Facial Steamer

2 in 1 facial steamer and magnifying lamp

Here we have one of the estheticians’ favorite ones, the Nova Microdermabrasion Facial Steamer. The first reason to catch an eye would be a premium build with a stainless-steel pipe to provide a high-quality steam release similar to a spa. This material is also more durable and resistant to rust. In addition, it has ABS material for temperature resistance and removing odor as the water heats up. 

Apart from the design, the steamer has a 5x magnifying lamp which is adjustable with a soft glow and comfortable light to check for skin impurities clearly. Even with a large size, it is easy to move around due to the wheeled stable stand base with four wheels. The flexible parts of this steamer made it a favorite among professionals for years.

Key Features


The materials include stainless steel and ABS for durability and resistance to damage. Besides, the stand consists of wheels and a stable base for easy movement. A LED magnifying lamp helps with a clear view.


Multi-functional features allow water to heat faster. Since the cup is large to hold more water, we get continuous and faster steam as well.


This steamer has a premium design and functionality to produce steam. So, we can have a spa-like effect at home easily. 


  • Durable and resistant materials
  • High-pressure steam release
  • 5 times magnification LED lamp
  • Portable with four wheels 
  • Offer professional spa at home


  • Steam may only release from one direction   

4. Kingsteam Professional Spa Ozone Facial Steamer

Kingsteam Professional Spa Ozone Facial Steamer

As a professional machine, Kingsteam Professional Facial Steamer also includes an Aromatherapy feature. So, when you are enjoying a nice, soothing, and hot facial steaming, you can also add some herbs or oils for aroma. The steaming action will open your pores to clean from the depth for a refreshing look. 

In addition, aromatherapy helps to improve blood circulation and other health conditions. Apart from this, it also includes an ozone function to remove harmful germs from the skin and any impurity. The device is very simple to use with a shut-off option when you are done with steaming. This is a highly functional and the best professional facial steamer for estheticians you can get. 

Key Features


As a standing steamer, this one is quite stylish in design and less bulky than others. The parts are easy to install, and it also comes with aromatherapy cartilage and a transparent water container. This one is also portable with the cartwheels and is durable. 


Due to its power supply and higher frequency, steam is given out at a faster rate. In addition, we get thick and dense, continuous steam for sufficient steaming time. 


This one comes with an ionized ozone technology to heat water and also treat skin in different ways. The clogged pores open easily to remove bacteria and clean the skin in depth. It also helps with anti-aging.


  • High frequency and ozone technology
  • Easy to install movable parts
  • Aromatherapy options
  • Improves blood circulation and health conditions
  • Compact and durable


  • No magnifying lamp

5. Kingsteam 2 in 1 Face Steamer With 3X Magnifying Lamp

Kingsteam 2 in 1 Face Steamer With 3X Magnifying Lamp

Here is another Kingsteam Professional Facial Steamer that works to improve problems with dry skin. Due to the steam, your skin pores will open easily and retain more moisture. Besides, it will help to reduce blackheads and blemishes. This one also includes an LED magnifying lamp to check for skin impurities clearly. 

Here we get a large container for water to produce thicker and stronger steam. Apart from all these, the machine itself is quite sturdy with the metal stand and movable parts, nozzle, and wheels. So, it will remain stable, and also portable. By far this is a great steamer for all skin types and suitable for use in professional salons and spas.

Key Features


Even as a standing steamer, it has adjustable parts and cartwheels for moving it around. The base is stable and the parts are made of metal for durability. In addition, the LED lamp has diopter glass to prevent scratches and provides a bright light with 3 times magnification. 


The heating is quite fast even in the large container for water. This removes the need for a frequent refill, so the steam comes out faster, thicker, and stronger for cleansing the skin.


Since it is made to suit dry skins, the mechanism is quite simple and gentle with regular steam from hot water. The water will penetrate deeper into the skin to remove impurities and keep the skin moisturized.


  • Flexible parts with six cartwheels
  • Portable, durable, and reliable
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Large water container for stronger steam
  • 3 times magnification for brighter LED illumination


  • The steamer arm may cause troubles 

6. Kingsteam Professional Face Steamer

kingsteam facial steamer instructions

Kingsteam Professional Face Steamer is yet another popular one from this brand made of environment-friendly materials. They are both durable and non-toxic for the user. In addition, they will prevent rusting even after frequent steaming, either at home or salon. This steamer uses nanotechnology to release ionic steam for deep cleansing by opening the pores readily. We will also have better blood circulation to remove excess oil, dirt, and other impurities. 

Besides, this machine helps with issues of fine lines and wrinkles. It has a large cup to provide endless steam without refill like others. Even with a 3X magnifying glass, it will provide soft and clear illumination for thorough skin treatment. The metal stand is also adjustable and can be moved with wheels. Other parts are also easy to rotate or adjust as required. We can even use this for aromatherapy with essential oils.

Key Features


Similar to other steamers from this brand, this one also has sturdy materials to resist damage. The stable base keeps it in an upright position for better steaming. This one also has flexible arms and a magnifying lamp.


Nano ionic steam allows us to have faster facial steaming. This also accelerates the cleansing and nourishment process.


This one also has nanotechnology for faster and high-quality steam production. So, we get deeper cleansing as the pore opens, allowing hydration and smoothness. 


  • Durable and eco-friendly materials
  • Nanotechnology for deep cleansing
  • Allows aromatherapy with cotton balls
  • Portable and flexible parts
  • High illumination magnifying lamp


  • It may not be stable while the use

7. DEER BEAUTY Professional Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp

DEER BEAUTY Professional Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp

DEER BEAUTY Face steamer is a high-power machine for the fastest steam production. This one is also equipped with an ozone technology suitable for anti-aging benefits. Thick steam will open pores easily and allow better blood circulation. So, the skin will absorb nourishment and remove impurities better. In addition, this is also a standing steamer with a height-adjustable stand. 

Due to the caster wheels, the machine becomes easier to move around. The LED lamp has 3 times magnification to remove dirt or excess oil from the skin. We can also adjust the brightness as required. Overall, this is the best professional facial steamer with magnifying lamp very effective for professional parlors and salons needed for special skin treatments. 

Key Features


Here is another stand steamer with an adjustable height feature and different movable parts. It has a 3 diopter lens and LED bulbs for removing impurities. Besides, the stand has four caster wheels to move it around, along with a brightness knob for adjustment.


Since the steamer runs with a 750-watt heater, it will heat water very fast to produce thick steam. So, the steamer has good speed and works to prevent the steam from burning the skin or escaping.


Apart from dual-action steaming, this one also has an ionic ozone feature for various benefits. We can purify the skin by unclogging pores. It also works to improve fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Ionic Ozone technology
  • Dual-action spa machine
  • Allows deeper hydration and nourishment
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Easy to use with movable parts


  • Not very durable

8.  Saloniture Professional Ionic Facial Steamer

Saloniture Professional Ionic Facial Steamer

Saloniture Professional Facial Steamer has made home facials very simple. It also has the nanotechnology to mist oxygen ions through hot steam for opening pores and improve blood circulation. Besides, the ozone it contains will help with better absorption of skin products. The base of the steamer can be rolled for movement, and the neck is adjustable to switch into a particular position. 

So, we can adjust the neck whenever needed even while in treatment. Another great thing is the larger containers for water that don’t need a refill and will provide continuous steam. The LED lamp will give out illumination to remove impurities. It also helps with a clear view to make the work more reliable with it. Due to its flexibility and functionality, we name it one of the best facial steamers for any use. 

Key Features


The steamer is portable with a roller base with an adjustable neck and parts that can be moved hands-free. An LED lamp provides illumination to check for skin problems with clarity and reliability. 


Since it has an extra-large container for water, there is no need for refilling it peruse. So, the steam produced won’t run out. Besides, nanotechnology allows faster heating of water. This makes it very efficient. 


Here nanosizing oxygen is added to the spray mist to mix with the hot water. So, you will have better skin treatment with the steam. In addition, ozone opens pores quickly and improves skin conditions.


  • Nanotechnology to provide oxygen ions
  • Extra-large water cup
  • Portable, efficient, and compact
  • The LED lamp provides clarity
  • Easy to use and reliable 


  • Not very durable

9. Bvcewilty Face Steamer for Facial Deep Cleaning

Bvcewilty Face Steamer for Facial Deep Cleaning

Bvcewilty Face Steamer is made for a whole spa day either at home or for professional salons. You can have your whole skincare routine using this machine. This one has nano steam particles to combine with nanocrystals with ionized water particles. So, you can have 10 times the absorption needed for deep moisturizing and maintaining skin elasticity. Other skin benefits include reduction of pigments, blemishes, blackheads, and an overall improvement of skin quality. 

Even though this provides very hot steam, it is safe for use due to the nanotechnology. In addition, it is made of eco-friendly materials and so is non-toxic. Various buttons are available for controlling mist release and temperature. Undoubtedly, this is a great professional tabletop facial steamer in the market.

Key Features


Get a fun design, compact, and highly-functional facial steamer. It also comes with multiple modes for controlling mist release and temperature. Besides, it has a unique heating mode to prevent the burning of the skin. Overall, the materials are both eco-friendly and durable.


Nanoparticles that are negatively charged combine with ionized water particles to speed up the heating and production of steam. But it also ensures that there is no overheating that might burn the skin.


The incredible nanotechnology uses nanocrystals and charged particles to form thick steam. So, the steam has 10 times more absorbing power for maximum hydration. Nano water mist also protects the skin from burning.


  • Powerful nanotechnology for heating
  • Multiple modes for controlling functions
  • Compact, environment-friendly, and odorless
  • Safe to use with strong steam
  • Noiseless and suitable for all skin types


  • It might feel tight for some users

Facial steamer guides professional:

The renowned dermatologist Dr. Marnie Nussbaum from New York has her vote on the Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer, naming it splurge-worthy. The machine is very simple in design, yet powerful with a micro-steam technology for skin hydration and purification within moments. In addition, the steamer is compact and effective for use at home. 

Another professional and skin expert, Dr. Marina Peredo recommends the Conair Facial Sauna System Steamer due to its features. It has a gentle brush as well for exfoliation before steaming the skin. Then the removal of blackheads and impurities becomes easier, but this needs the care done on sensitive skin.

The famous esthetician from New York, Vanessa Marc claimed the Nova Microdermabrasion

3-in-1 Facial Steamer is her favorite. It also allows the user to apply masks after steaming. Besides, the machine offers a good quality steaming for skin improvement and hydration.

Panasonic Spa-Quality Facial Steamer has been suggested by the celebrity esthetician Elina Fedotova. This product is on the best seller’s list for various reasons. Apart from the sleek design for convenience, it offers a home spa with nanotechnology for extra hydration within some minutes. 

Dr. Stacy Chimento, a famous dermatologist recommends the Nano Ionic Face Steamer by Lonove as one of the best mini facial steamers. Apart from the beautiful design and a complete package for home use, it offers effective steaming to enhance the absorption of other skin products. 

How does an aromatherapy facial steamer work?

An aromatherapy facial steamer works the same as a regular one but has the option of adding some soothing aroma. The purpose is to provide a home spa, and a relaxing environment as you get some facial care. Sometimes, this can help you to improve some health conditions to make you feel more relaxed.

As you fill the water tank with distilled water for heating, add some dried herbs or drops of essential oils as well. Choose those that are your favorite and won’t cause any allergic reaction. When the water is hot enough to produce steam, the aroma from the herbs or oils will pass through a nozzle. When you lean on the steam, you can feel the aroma soothe and relax you. 

What are the benefits of a high-pressure face steamer?

The benefits of facial steam are numerous, and not limited to beauty care. If you get a high-pressure one, and you use it the right way depending on the skin type and condition, it will create a difference. 

  • The first and foremost thing is the extra hydration needed for all skin types, especially dry skins. This also ensures that your skin will remain in good shape with other nourishments.
  • Steam therapy is meant to provide you with a calming sensation. You can feel more relaxed by relieving stress and tension. 
  • The rest of your skincare products are easily absorbed into the skin to increase their effectiveness. The blood circulation increases with increasing the temperature. So, the products absorb faster by crossing the skin barrier.  
  • Clogged pores are a huge problem for us as it traps dirt and impurities. So, steaming can help to open and cleanse pores and remove blemishes and blackheads. 
  • Facial steaming will also increase the production of collagen and elastin. These two components in our skins will provide better resistance to damage. They also maintain the elasticity of the skin. 

What is the temperature of a Lumcrissy face steamer?

A higher temperature of the steamer will ensure that the water can boil more to produce hotter and more steam. So, a Lumcrissy Facial Steamer is designed with a 40℃ / 104℉ temperature. The water becomes very hot to provide continuous and thick steam. But this temperature won’t cause any injuries, but provide better skin. The environment will be similar to that of a sauna at home. It is made of a PTC heating element to work as a powerful steamer with a high temperature.

As soon as you place water for heating, it will boil fast and create thick, wide, and strong steam in no time through the nozzle. 

How to use a standing steamer?

A standing steamer might seem more comfortable to use in a better position for the face. It has similar features to any facial steamer, so the operation is also the same and simple.

  • Set up the whole machine as per instructions in the manual.  
  • There is a water tank that you need to fill with distilled water made lukewarm. Due to heat, it will evaporate and produce steam.
  • Connect the machine to a power source. Ensure that the cup of the tank is carefully secured. 
  • Place the tank onto the steamer and turn it on. This will heat up the water, so follow the instructions carefully. 
  • After the water is providing a good quantity of steam from evaporation, stand near the machine and face down close to the steam. Allow it to cover and work on your face.
  • Adjust the temperature as per the steaming requirements for your skin. 
  • Continue to stand and steam as long as needed as tolerated by your skin. 

How to steam your face without a facial steamer?

All you need is the steam to refresh your skin, and this is possible even without a facial steamer. You only need to produce the steam necessary for working on your skin. This is available in different ways to provide enough steam for facial care.

  • When you are in the shower, use the hot water option to provide steam from evaporation. Move to the steam and place your face into it for some minutes. This will also offer the same effect as a professional steaming to remove skin impurities and blackheads, and also open pores.
  • Take some boiled water and a towel for steaming. Soak the towel in water to produce steam for the face. Use this steam for some minutes for the same results. But you need to soak the towel in water frequently to keep it hot and wet for continuous steam. 
  • Use a pot that can retain heat. Then pour some distilled water in it along with a herbal item and let it boil. Ensure that the water produces a lot of bubbles to reach the boiling point. Only then it will have enough steam for your face. Move carefully towards this steam as close as possible and stay for some time. 

How to properly steam your face with a steamer?

what to do after steaming face for acne

Even with the best facial steamer on the market, you can’t have good results without proper usage. This also means that you need to maintain a routine to steam your face with the right steps. In addition, the steamer should be used accurately.

  • Firstly, you should clean your face thoroughly with a good cleanser. You can also exfoliate the skin to prepare it for steaming.
  • Now use the water tank to fill it with water and heat it to the boiling point. Ensure that the machine is properly set up and plugged in.
  • When the water is starting to boil and producing enough steam, lean over it and place a towel over it to trap any steam from escaping. But maintain a distance so that the skin won’t burn.
  • Steam your face for around ten minutes, depending on the skin type and condition. Ensure that the whole face could get enough steam.
  • After you are done, get away and go for another skincare routine. At this point, you can apply a mask to complete the cleaning process. As the pores are open, the cleansing product can now easily remove all impurities.
  • Then you can get on with the moisturizing part with various skincare products. 

How to steam your face with a face steamer?

When you have a facial steamer at home, by following the right steps you can easily have professional work done with your face. Then your home spa can become successful. Other than arranging the parts together, you need to know the whole skincare routine involving facial steaming.

Remove Any Makeup and Clean the Face

Steaming is only done on clean, natural skin. So, firstly use your makeup remover to strip your skin from the tiniest trace of makeup. Then use your regular facial cleanser to clean the rest of the impurities and makeup thoroughly. You can also use some exfoliators. Pat it dry and prepare for the steaming session.

Pour Distilled Water into the Tank for Boiling

The steamer comes with a tank for boiling water that will offer the steam. Use only distilled water for better results that are free of minerals. Fill the tank and let it heat as you turn on the switch. When you get enough steam from the boiling water, lean over this steam and remain for some minutes. 

Complete the Skincare Routine

After you are done steaming, get away from the steam for working with the other products. The skin is now free from residues and dirt, with unclogged pores. Now you can have better absorption of your products to hydrate and nourish the skin. But use only compatible products that would prevent any negative reaction.  

How to properly use a face steamer?

A facial steamer is very easy to use, and if used properly, it can provide amazing results for your skin. Besides, the right steps will also make it a safe machine.

Prepare the skin

This involves cleaning the face thoroughly to remove dirt as much as possible. Use mild cleansers that would feel gentle on the skin. Then exfoliate gently to get rid of clogged pores.

Pour water for heating

Fill the tank with distilled water and then place it on the steamer. Turn on the machine and let it boil to a high temperature. You can add some essential oils or dried herbs. Read through the manual to properly operate the machine.

Facial Steaming

As you get thick and strong steam, lean over it. Cover the face with a towel to trap steam even from a safe distance. Take in the steam for around 10 minutes, depending on the skin type.

Post Steaming Work

After steaming, your face is ready for the rest of the skin regime. So, now you can apply a mask and then add other products. But you can also skip these and simply apply water and pat dry.

Closing the pores

Even if you don’t work on additional products, you must use a toner and a moisturizer to close the pores. Steaming causes the skin to become dry, so a moisturizer will hydrate and provide nourishment. 

Facial steamer type

Typically, there are three main types of facial steamers that are widely used. 

Personal Steamer

This one is quite small and compact for use at home and carrying around. So, we can use it easily for regular facial steaming without the complexity of professional ones that have several parts. They are also quite budget-friendly for use by beginners. 

Professional Steamer 

As the name says, this steamer is meant for beauty salons and spa places for extensive beauty care. They are often made with stands and multiple adjustable and movable parts for various functions. But most of the models are simple for use at home. 

Nano-Ionic Steamer

Among all others, this is a notable machine that uses innovative technology to take facial steaming to the next level. It uses nanotechnology for ten times the efficiency to cleanse the skin and for refreshment. 

We also get another one known as a herbal and aroma steamer, but a regular one can also allow this. This one is specially designed with compactness from a small leg stand with lockable rollers. There is a container to add the herbs or oils for aroma. The aroma is released through a nozzle that helps with various health benefits and makes us relax.

Why shouldn’t you use a facial steamer? 

While facial steaming has several benefits, experts also warned us about the problems of steaming our skin . In some cases, this can become a hazard to our skin, if not done properly. The heat released from hot steam can cause redness and inflammation, especially to dry and sensitive skins. Some users can also become prone to issues like acne, eczema, and other diseases. 

In addition, excess steaming can remove the natural oils and moisture from the skin leading to dryness. This can also make the pores produce more oils to overcompensate. So, the whole process might cause acne issues to worsen rather than get better. The solution to such issues would be to steam less frequently, and for a shorter time. Besides, we must ensure that the steamer suits our skin conditions. 

Buying Guide 

Now that you know about the best portable professional facial steamers that we have listed here, both standing and compact, you can now get to choose one. However, consider some other buying factors to understand which one is the most suitable for your purposes. 


Depending on the use, you can choose the type of steamer. Mostly, professional beauty salons or spas get multi-functional and large ones for better service. But for home use, you can easily get a smaller machine. Many professional standing steamers nowadays are suitable for home use as well. 

Design and Size

For regular use, a simple and compact steamer can work very well. But professionals need a premium steamer for their services. The best part is, whether a mini steamer or a professional one, both are flexible and portable. If space is an issue, then opt for mini facial steamers.


It is important that the steam is produced faster for efficiency. So, check that the machine has good power capacity and high frequency. This will allow water to heat faster as well. It will also be useful if the steamer has a larger water cup to retain more heat and produce stronger steam.

Technology of Vapor

Usually, nanotechnology or ozone function is a good feature of any facial steamer. It produces thicker and stronger steam for better skincare treatment. The steam will open pores quicker for more absorption of other skin products. Besides, it will offer hydration without drying up the skin or causing any burning.

Magnifying Lamp

If the steamer contains an LED magnifying lamp, then it will offer better illumination to check for skin impurities. Check that the magnification range is from 3 to 5 times. In addition, ensure that the light won’t cause any glare or harm to the eyes. So, it needs to have a softer glow with a lens cap. 


1. What type of facial steamer should I buy?

Dermatologists recommend using a facial steamer, so you should opt for one that is the most suitable for your skin type. But this depends on how your skin reacts to duration of steaming. So, brands like Pure Daily or Panasonic are the top choices to get started. You can also try other budget-friendly options like Conair with good guides.

2. Is a facial steamer good for sinuses?

While this isn’t a machine for a cure, it can improve your sinus conditions a lot. The steam is beneficial to alleviate nasal congestion which is the root of sinuses. Mostly, you will have better oxygen intake and blood circulation to improve your health conditions.

3. Is facial steaming good for your face?

Facial steaming has several uses for your skin. It will mostly hydrate and moisturize your skin. Due to the steam, the pores open easily allowing you to remove dirt, excess oil, and other impurities. Besides, this will allow better absorption of other skin products. Overall, the face will feel smooth and have a radiant glow, with better elasticity.

4. Which steamer is best for sinus?

Since facial steamers are great to improve sinus problems, you can use any steamer to have good facial steam. This will work to help with the sinus. But to mention some notable brands, we have Pure Daily Care, Lonove, and Ezbasics Ionic Facial Steamers.

5. Can steam damage your face?

Even though facial steaming is great, sometimes this can be problematic. Experts have explained how facial steamers might not be good for dry or sensitive skins. Besides, if the machine doesn’t work right, it can burn from overheating, and cause inflammation, or even other problems.


So, there you have it, a complete guide and necessary information regarding the best professional facial steamers. Firstly, we need to understand the benefits of skincare for good health. Facial steaming boosts this process with better hydration and moisturization. We have refreshing and glowing skin due to regular steaming. However, experts also suggested using it according to the skin condition, otherwise, it can cause more harm.

So, consider the important factors of any facial steamer to decide which one will work the best for you. Then you can go ahead and get your steamer for a fancy spa at home.

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