Why is My Face Darker Than My Body – Reasons and Self Treatments

Why is My Face Darker than My Body? Your face becomes darker than your body and other organs because it is the most exposed portion of your body.

It is extremely a common fact that most of the women are worried about this issue. There are tons of reasons behind it. Most of the women use several types of products to fix darker skin without knowing the exact reasons for the darkness of the skin.

Most of the time, the result of it can worse than better. So, you should keep knowledge about various types of reasons for darker skin so that you can handle and fix the issue properly.

This post is written only for showing and sharing the reasons “why is my face darker than my body” frequently asked the question from my personal plus professional experiences.

Worried, why is my face darker than my body? Let’s jump into details about the reasons for darker skin….

Why is My Face Darker Than My Body?

Why is My Face Darker Than My Body


You feel uncomfortable when you will see that your face skin color and body color don’t match with each other.  Skin pigmentation and overproduction of melanin are responsible for making your face darker than other parts of the body.

When the skin creates more melanin, the pigment starts to give the skin a darker color. In excess of sun exposure is also the reason for dark pigmentation, and the result of it is skin damage.

Side Effects of Medicine

About 10% to 20% of obtaining hyperpigmentation is the foundation of medicine. There have a few medications that are liable to make skin pigmentation like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, amiodarone, and cytotoxic drugs. It is the result of the side effect of those medicines that can darker your face skin than the body.

Changing Hormone

The hormone plays a vital role in keeping our skin healthy. But, hormonal change also can respond to change the face color or make darker than before. It can happen when you are pregnant. A similar object can occur if you take birth control pills or go through hormone substitute therapy.

Hormonal changes can able to produce melasma or chloasma. If there have exceptional levels of progesterone plus estrogen, these sources the cells to construct additional levels of melanin. It is the result of skin discoloration. 

Estrogen can make the hormone in your body if you take more stress that can be mentally, physically and emotionally. Increased levels of cortisol will cause the estrogen imbalance in your body and increase the melanin level that makes your face skin darker. 

Autoimmune Diseases 

A few autoimmune diseases such as diabetes plus lupus can change your skin color. Discoloration can be the first symptom of diabetes sometimes. If you are suffering from kidney disease, your skin becomes darker by affected it.

Lupus can be responsible for the immune system that can also attack itself. So you can think about it as your enemy. It gives an increase to a butterfly-shaped outline rash in your affected area. Lupus can be raised in a dark area on your skin. 

Surrounding factors

Most of the uncovered organs of our body are our face, hands, neck, feet, and legs. Those parts of the body remain close to the surrounding like sunlight, wind, and so on many more times. 

When any uncovered parts of the body stay directly to the sunlight, it becomes darker though it is true that the sunlight also can protect our skin from damaged. Excessive sun contact source of melanin cells that can be organized to the picky area of the skin and will make your skin darker.

The “Heat” is another common environmental issue that is liable for melasma, especially in this topic. Few people complained though they don’t keep body overexpose in the sun, their skins become darker.

Well, the direct sun contact is not only the primary causal factor; too much body heat can also lead to inflammation, which can motivate melanocyte creation as well as become the reason for darker skin.

Skincare products issues

Most of the time, we need to use skincare products that can extremely harsh for our skin. They contain a few particular components which can be more liable to make darker our skin even faster than the sun.

We also can realize that certain skincare products or procedures such as intense light therapy or chemical peels. It can generate too much heat or resistance on our skin. The result of it is trauma, and it can be eventually responsible for making our face so darker.

Genetics issue

Many women think over for their darker faces. It is your genetic issue, and it can’t solve anyway. You can contain melasma if most of the people from your family have melasma. So, if you want to manage your darker skin, you have to know your genetic issue at first.

Now you have known many more causes why your face is more mysterious than your body. It will help you to discover the real problem, and you can take the proper step to fix it. 

After sharing the reasons below, we have discussed a few standard solutions so you can use it to fix your issue at primary levels.  

Treatments: For Darker Face

Use Skin Lightening Cream

Skin lightening cream works to lighten and brighten your darker face. But you should select the perfect cream so that it will suit your skin and works to reduce the darkness of your skin. You can pick multi-purpose skin cream addressing your skin problems.

Selected cream should help your face skin with fixing pigmentation issues like melasma, dark spots, age spots, and freckles. But don’t skip your neck when you apply your cream on your face. Another, you should use black mask as a regular basis to remove blackhead to look more fresh. You will find the best blackhead remover in online/offline market nearest you.

Skin Lightening Cream

Use Tinted Cream

If you want to get a quick solution, we suggest you use tinted cream when you wake up morning. Search a product that will indicate for facial use as well. An ideal cream can take proper steps to change the face skin tone.

Tinted Cream

Skip sunlight

When you go out into the sunlight, you should use sunscreen cream and also skip overexposure to the sun. It is the simplest plus most comfortable way to save your face and avoid the darker issue.  

Another tips is for you that you can avoid going out at the pick hour when the sun gives much more heat and make sweating plus can burn your exposed skin.

Wrapping up!

Why is my face darker than my body? Hopefully, you have got a lot of reasons for this issue, and they will help you to know the primary purpose of your skin darker.

As a result, you can take proper steps to fix your problem. As bonus tips, we have shredded a few standard solutions. Now it is your time to keep yourself into the same situation so that you can skip the skin discoloration problems. 

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