How to Make Your Own Perfume Oil – Easy Method

So, you’re a guy who loves to wear sensational perfume. You love to allure others by the splendid never-smelt-before scent flowing all over you.

But, with the easy access for people into the Gucci or Versace, you have become sick and tired.

So, we have sorted out for you how to make your own perfume oil in an easy and foolproof method. You will be able to swim through the variation of scents by mixing ingredients of your preference without being an alchemist.

It’s easy to perform with a little caution. So that, your self-made perfume doesn’t traumatize you rather overwhelms you with a spectacular scent.

How to Make Your Own Perfume Oil?

How to Make Your Own Perfume Oil

During the process of making perfume oil, you always must hit the nail on the head. That means you must have a clear insight into the composition of perfume oil. Otherwise, you might regret it in the end.

The perfume oil is made up of a chord (it’s a technical term, actually). A chord consists of 3 notes – base note, the heart note, headnote. The notes are the smells. Whenever a tempting scent passes through your nasal, you practically smell the notes.

Now, you should always select the base note carefully since it will be the last smell wearing on you. Then comes the heart note. A lighter smell is always preferred for this note, which will adrift smoothly over your body. Finally, the sturdy headnote, the bold and beautiful. The smell that directly hits your sensational stimuli after opening a bottle of perfume is that strong, headnote.

Normally, headnotes last roughly 10 to 15 minutes. Whereas, the heart notes carry the perfume for 45 minutes max. The base notes are those that last longer and wrap you up for hours.

So, you get it right?

Whether you are a chemist or not. You should have a mind-blowing taste of scents before you jump into the process of how to make your own perfume oil.

Throughout the process, you will need Jojoba oil or almond oil. The work like a conveyer on behalf of the perfume oils since they contain little or no scent at all.

Plus, always have thorough research on the ingredients of your perfume oil. Just because, they come from nature doesn’t make them naive.

How to Pick the Exact Oils for Blending?

Depending on your taste of scents, you should choose the perfume oil. Though there are some guidelines to bear in mind.

Like the dynamic notes, they are always preferred for headnotes. So, you can choose citrus notes for their crispy characteristics. They smell strong and crispy.

Again, since lighter smells are suitable for heart notes. Thus, choosing from floral or herbal notes would go well for them.

Last but not the least, the base notes. Woody scents are excellent for the base.

But always keep in mind that you add a base note at first, then consecutively heart note and base note.

Pull yourself together. Make up your mind about the kind of aroma you crave for. Then fix them accordingly.

You’ll Need

  • 1 roller ball bottle of 5 ml.
  • 4 pipettes.
  • 3 versatile essential oils.
  • Carrier oils with no scent.

Blending process

We are going to start with a small; 5ml bottle of perfume oil.

See, every perfection has a sum of precise numbers behind their creation. The perfume oil is not an exception.

Math’s! You guessed it right. Yeah, nerve cracking calculation’s.

Remember, 20 drops of liquid with a pipette makes 1 ml of liquid. Since we are going to work on a 5ml of perfume oil. Therefore,

5ml * 20 drops = 100 drops.

It is recommended to use a 20% concentration of essential oils in the carrier to play safe. So, 20% out of 100 drops make 20 drops. The rest will be 80 drops of carrier oil. Now that we know the ratio, let’s get started.

10 drops base + 5 drops heart + 5 drops head + 80 drops carrier oil = 100 drops.

Phew…we just escaped from the mental hell. Now, the real fun begins.


After mixing the 10 drops of the base note, 5 drops of heart note and 5 drops of headnote. Lock the bottle and shake it gently. But keep in mind to use a separate pipette for each EOs.

Now, comes the difficult task of being persevering. You have to keep it in a dark place to let the EOs blend together, and then wait for one solid week to smell it.

So, your waiting time is over. Open it and smell it. Impressed by the smell? We hope you are.

Now, put the rest 80 drops of carrier oil inside it. After that, you have to keep away the bottle for ONE WHOLE MONTH! Don’t yell at me.

Hey, Rome was not built in a day. So, sit tight and let them mingle for a month. We believe you will get a breathtaking amazing scent.

After a month, if unfortunately, your perfume doesn’t smell the way you wanted. Don’t lose your heart. It’s kind of obvious that you might have messed up. You might have combined the ingredients in wrong proportions or failed to pick up a good combination.

Whatever the odds are, they are parts of the process. Carry on with the experimentation and master the perfumery. Soon the sun shall shine on you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gone through our how to make your own perfume oil, you have learned the basics of producing your very own perfume oil.

Say good-bye to those ecumenical scents. Play with the portions, ingredients, and come up with your very own, new signature perfume brand.

Apply the oil behind your neck, on your chest to diffuse and spread the splendid scent around you.

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