How Long Does Perfume Last On Clothes – Top 5 Types Of Perfume

Who doesn’t want to smell their favorite perfume throughout their whole busy day? You have noticed that after applying your perfume on skin or cloth, it can’t long-lasting till arriving at your office. So, how long does perfume last on clothes? It is important to know.

Perfume can long-lasting on your clothes for the whole day and can longer even for few days or a week. But it always depends on the types of perfume and how to use it to make it last longer.  

Here, we will talk about how long does perfume lasts on clothes with a few tricks to make your favorite perfume stay for a long time.

How Long Does Perfume Last On Clothes?

When you buy a new perfume and apply it to your clothes to go out, you think how long it can last on you. Well! It is a good inquiry for everyone, especially those who should go out for work daily and need to stay out for most of the day.

There are some perfumes which can last for 24 hours. Sometimes they can last for a week. But it is a fact that the lasting of the perfume smell on clothes mainly depends on the quality of the perfume. Some perfume can’t give you a smell for more hours. Their lifespan is very short, and after applying it, you can’t feel that you have already applied perfume.

Yes, if you want your perfume will last for the whole day or a week on your clothes, you should choose the best perfume from a famous brand. Sometimes the lasting of the perfume depends on your using clothes. If you wash your clothes daily, the smell can vanish quickly. So, apply the high-quality perfumes and take care of your clothes on which you will apply them so that the smell can stay more than a week.

Why can perfume smell last more on clothes?

The smell of perfumes can last for longer on clothes. The reason for it is that the perfume can’t heat on the skin directly, evaporating the aroma oil faster.

But when you use your favorite on your clothes, you can look for the aroma longevity for 6 to 35 hours. If your perfume is very well, you can enjoy the smell of it for more than 7-days. But keep your clothing far away from direct sunlight.

What Types Of Perfume Can Stay Longer?

There are five types of perfumes available in the market based on the concentration of the fragrances. Below has a chart of them with the measurement of the essential oil what they contain:

  • Parfum –15 to 40%
  • EDP (Eau de Parfum) – 15 to 20%
  • EDT(Eau de Toilette)- 5 to 15%
  • EDC(Eau de Cologne)- 3 to 8%
  • EDF (Eau de Fraiche) – 3% or less

Depend on the measure of the essential oil, the lifespan of the aroma varies. As well as based on the notes and fragrance, there has a lot of differences in how long the perfume will linger. In this situation, we suggest going the EDP or EDT perfume, which has the power to last for the whole day.

Perfume Ingredients that last longer

Base notes make the perfume long-lasting. And the base notes consist of two to six ingredients to make the smell of your perfume linger. So, pay attention to the base notes so that they will be the heaviest, which makes the perfume last longer. If the base notes come from the richest ingredients, the perfume will get a longer lifespan.

Is It a Good Idea To Spray Perfume On Clothes Directly?

Well! You can spray your favorite perfume on your clothes directly. But you have to care before using your new perfume. At first, test the new one for two or three days and then apply for going out. Many perfumes have in the market that can leave stains on clothes, so testing the new paper is important.

For example, EDP (Eau De Parfum) leaves stains on clothes though this type of perfume can last for a long duration. The aroma of this perfume is very stronger than EDT, which can ruin and make your clothes fade.

Sometimes, spraying perfume on the clothes directly may not convenient. If you want to apply different perfumes every day, you should not spray on your clothes directly. So, it would be better to apply your perfume on your skin, not on the clothes.

How to Spray Perfume On Clothes?

If you want to spray your perfume on your clothes, let’s know how to apply it on clothes. As we before mentioned that for safety and avoid any stains on clothes, you should test the perfume early on paper.

Now place your perfume bottle and hold it with the right technique. Apply it from right distances, like from 8 to10-inches away, so that the perfume can spread on the clothes properly; if you apply it from close to your clothes, the perfume fall in just one space and can make stains which don’t remove even after washing.

If you want to apply your perfume on your silk or shiny clothes, you have to be more careful to spray on them. Don’t spray too much because it will be more challenging to wash off the aroma from these types of clothes.

Lastly, we want to give you a small suggestion that sprays the perfume on your clothes properly. But, avoid applying a weak fragrance instead of a strong fragrance and applying it a small amount, which is always the best way.

How to make your favorite perfume last longer on clothes?

Normally, we know that the perfume on clothes can stay for the last 24 hours or something more. But following some tips and tricks, you can make your perfume smell last longer. They are:

  • Know the perfect way to spray the perfume on clothes.
  • Apply the perfume at the right time, like after taking a shower.
  • To make your perfume last longer, apply it to your shirts. If it is winter, apply the spray on your coats or leather jackets.
  • Choose the oil formulation because oil is helpful to make your perfume linger.
  • Find out a perfume that adds a heavyweight note for enjoying perfume smell long time.
  • Apply the scent on your neck and wrist with your clothes, which will last for a long duration.
  • Store the perfume into perfect space after opening it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does perfume stay a long time on your skin or clothes?

Perfume can stay a long time on skin and clothes together. If you can apply the perfume on your skin and clothes properly, they spread the smell for the whole day long.

2. Is it good or bad to apply the perfume to clothes?

No, it is not bad. You can apply the perfume on your clothes but apply it to some specific area to spread the smell for the long term. Spray on the exposed areas like the wrist, inner elbow, or neck.

3. How can you make your perfume linger on clothes?

You can do this job follow some tricks. Before spray, the perfume takes a 10-inches distance from the clothes. Now spray it on your selected clothes. If you want to apply the spray again, you can put a pocket perfume with you always.

Final Words!

So, finally, have you learned how perfume lasts on clothes and how you can make the perfume last longer. You also can understand what ingredients make the perfume last longer on your clothes. We hope this article helps you to enjoy your perfume long time on your clothes.

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