How To Make A Fashion Cape? Easy To Follow the Steps

“Fashion Cape”- this word is a trendy word in the fashion world. Fashion cape means it isn’t a fashion superhero costume. If you are thinking like such, you are wrong yet. One more thing, it is really easy “how to make a fashion cape” by yourself? So, keep reading.

A fashion cape is an outstanding and versatile piece of clothing that allows you to throw it on over your outfit simple. It makes your dresses more elegant, and whatever you have to wear, jeans or a casual top will give you great looking.

If you aren’t thinking of investing more money in a cape, it is good luck for you. Instead of purchasing a new one from the market, you can make a fashionable cape in the afternoon. How to make a fashion cape? Ahead and see at a glance every step and do it one by one. What a surprise, you have made a fantastic cape, wow!

How To Make A Fashion Cape
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What You Need?

Let’s know what you have to gather for it. Before starting, collect all things and do it with a relaxing time. You need:

  • 2-metres wool cloth or blanket
  • Bias binding to fixed and fit around the cape
  • Tailor’s coloring or white chalk-based the cloth’s color
  • All essential sewing kits.

How To Make A Fashion Cape

Make a fashion cape is a simple task when you know every step properly. Otherwise, you will be lost your time and waste your clothes. So, let’s learn how to make a fashion cape.

1. Measure the cloth

At first, measure your arm’s length. Extend the arms straightly at the sides and measure from finger to fingertip to find the cape’s width with a cloth tape measure.

Then stand up and measure from knee to shoulder. But the long mainly depends on your demand, and it can be on the knee or up to knee what you want. If you want to make a shorter cape, the length will be on your elbow with the arm straight down. 

2. Set up the cloth to cut

To cut a square of cloth, the same length as the cloth’s full width, fold it. Fold in half twice to make a small square. All folded edges will meet in one corner and now anchor a tape measure here with a pin.

3. Mark length

Fixed the length of what you want to get your cape. Start with one of the direct edges and measure it down to the length and then mark it and fix it with a pin. Use an anchor tape and measure as a sort of pendulum and then pivot the measurement tape around the arc; mark out a quarter circle with pins until you can’t reach the straight edge. 

4. Prepare the neck hole.

Repeat the previous one to make a neck hole. Measure around your neck and get the comfortable size of the neck opening. For instance, if you have the intention to finish the neck hole to be 17 inches, then that dimension is the situation of the round you have to cut. You should calculate the radius of the circle by Pi.

However, the radius will 6.8cm, and you have to mark the neckline with a quarter circle to this size with a sequence of pins. It has completed in a similar way as for hem starting from anchored tape calculate into the corner. Use a pin, place the hem along, and use chalk to make the hem circle’s cutting line. Weight the fabric down and cut every layer.

5. Make neckline

Repeat the last task to make your neckline.

6. Start cutting

Follow the line that you have made with the chalk after perfect measurement. Cut through one of the folded straight edges and start it from neck edge to bottom to make cape opening.

7. Make a smaller circle cut.

Open up the cutting clothing, and you will need to make a perfect circle with a small cut out inside the circle with a single straight border opening.  

8. Cut neck, shoulder, and hem

Fold the circle in half, and all raw borders aligned, remove the fullness and join some slope to shoulders by eliminating a border from shoulder lines. Draw a sloping line from the neck border to the bottom. Make it 1-CM wide at the top plus 6-CM wide at the hem. Now cut them along properly.

9. Stitch the cape

Now stitch cape together those cut edges. It can be valued at pinning those seams first and then trying the cape if you have to alter them if they need more fitting.

10. Draft A facing

For getting a clean finishing on the neck and front opening line, you need to draft a facing by laying tracing paper over the fabric. Trace the neckline curve, open border, and also shoulder line. Trace the front with the back piece individually. Add 5mm seam with every way around. Draw all shapes like a paper pattern and use those patterns to cut the front piece from the cape clothes.  

11. Interfacing

Interface the facing pieces with small to medium weight fusible interfacing pressed to the wrong side. Stick together every three facing at the shoulder seams and close the external raw border.

12. Stitch neckline and an opening part

Pin the facing and right sides together to the fashion cape neckline and opening parts. Stitch them together and then clip the curve.  

13. Under-stitch the facing

Press the facing away from the fabric and under stitch the facing to the ridge grant for the neater border.

14. Press everything carefully

Turn your facing from side to side into the inside of the cape. Poke out all corners at the neckline and then press everything carefully. The wool cloth needs steaming and clapping to find a crisp border.

The use of a good number of steams is very easily whacking the seam hard with the tailor’s clapper. This task has the effect of forcing the mist out of the cloth at a speed that, in a twist, assists it to stay level.

15. Use a Bias Binding

Curves of hemming will be so tricky, but using a bias binding can give the hem a crisp curve. Starting in the middle of the hem back, unfold one long border of the bias binding and then matching the raw border.

Stitch the border RS together by the side of the cape’s border and facing next to the folded line of the bias. Now fold and press the bias binding around the inside and slip sew input by hand. Overlap the short border.

Finally, stitch the buckle into the place, and you have done the cape completely. Now top with a wide-brimmed favorite hat, and wow, you have prepared to swoosh.

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Wrap Up!

Hopefully, you have understood how to make a fashion cape at home easily with your old clothes. Here we have shown you wool clothe, but you can use any fabric what you feel comfortable. Now, let’s start and make a fashion cape without investing a single penny.

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