Where Can I Sell My Prom Dresses For Cash?

Where can I Sell my prom dresses for cash? Are you thinking like it but can’t understand how to start? Seatback for a while and read on this guide to know the right place. At first, I had limited idea and thought there have just a few ways like Craigslist or Facebook to sell prom dresses. But when I researched a lot, I discovered several sources, both online and local, for selling prom.

It will be best to bet the niche site where selling or reselling wedding-related items, including prom dresses. Make a list of those websites and ready to sell your prom dress.


But it takes a lot of time and not easy for everyone. For this, we have made a list of some reliable ways where you can sell your prom dresses for a great price.

How To Sell Your Prom For Cash?

When you think of selling your prom dresses for some extra money, it can be a good idea. If your dress becomes worn or doesn’t fit anymore, or needs cash, you can resell it. How can you do it? Is it easy and really can get cash fast? Yes, all can do you but keep in mind some tips:

  • At first, decide where you can sell your prom dresses with fast cash.
  • A cleaned and shiny dress will be more attractive and sell for more cash. So, check your dress is cleaned professionally and looks like just a new one.
  • Take some impressive and pretty photos of the dresses and post them on the selected site for sale.
  • Mention the brand or design name with the dress on the post.
  • Be honest. Don’t try to sell stain, colored, repaired, or damaged dress anyway.
  • Mention dress size and measurement properly so that the customers can know the perfect size before purchase.
  • If you have any alternation with the dresses, mention them, and they also can be sold with your dress.
  • Make an estimate and shipping rate dealing with the site owner and make fixed rate considering overall points.

Where Can I Sell My Prom Dresses For Cash?

Below mentioned the 16 best places where you can sell your prom dresses for faster cash.

1. eBay

eBay is the largest marketplace to resell or sell any fashion dress or DIY seller. You need to think strongly about selling your prom dress on eBay. For fewer products, there has a good option to list 100 products for every month freely. For more products, you need to make a store with fees. You can sell every dress for a fixed price and get cash so fast.

2. Depop

Depop is another reliable and growing app. Here you can sell typical and modern clothes for men, women, and girls. All products have fixed prices in this app.

For selling used prom dresses, shoes, and jewelry; You need to put on everything is allowed for sale at Depop. Download this online selling or buying app on your android phone and begin selling.

3. Poshmark

If you are searching hassle-free service to sell your prom dress, you can go to the Poshmark online marketplace. This online market allows you to sell any gently-used products and mostly prefer designer and well-known brand items. So, it will be a ideal place to sell prom dresses for instant cash.

4. Tradesy

Tradesy is an ideal place to sell designer products in great condition. Tradesy will knock you while someone purchases your products and give instructions to ship and provide your cash faster on your PayPal account.

5. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. Using Facebook Ads, you can contact with your targeted viewers easily. Facebook marketplace permits the users to act together with your Ads, and they can visit your online store instantly.

It will give you selling bulk items in your local area, and it is 100% free without any commissions. But post quality photos with clear descriptions of your prom dress.

6. Craigslist

If you think to get maximum benefit investing low money, craigslist will be the best place for you. This place is free to list products and sell. You need to meet with the buyer and make the swap. Very easy to sell prom dress for cash.

7. OfferUp

OfferUp will be a great alternative to Craigslist and Facebook. List your items directly from your smartphone and notify OfferUp about them. They allow you to mail your clothing to other buyers.

8. Material World

It is a fantastic world to get instant payment for you selling a dress. They provide a quote after mailing your fashion designer and paying instantly for the dress you want to sell. But keep in mind they only allow some particular brands. So, you should check their designer list and ensure your prom dress is allowed and look just a new one.

9. Yoogi’s Closet

Most sellers and buyers first think about selling their items about Yoogi’s Closet. The first and foremost step is to receive a primary quote. You have done all to ship your product, plus they will agree on the items are authentic. At last, they will give you the final offer to ship the products to the customers.

10. StillWhite

StillWhite is the world’s biggest pre-owned wedding dress selling marketplace. It is an easy-to-use website for sellers and buyers. You can use StillWhite Valuator, where you can see how much you will offer for your prom dresses. You don’t pay any commission here to sell your products.

11. Nearly Newlywed  

Nearly Newlywed offers hassle-free selling process without paying a higher commission rate. You also must love the listing process, which is very easy and quick. Simply submit some quality photos with key information about your prom dresses. It takes 48 to 72 hours to answer all the questions of buyers, shipping, and payment.

12. Once Wed

Once Wed are an online marketplace and best for secondhand wedding dresses. This is the greatest place to sell any wedding dresses. They offer seller privacy with protection with customer service. 

13. PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com

This is another biggest website to sell new, simple, and used wedding dresses or bridal party gowns. It offers a one-time listing fee but no commission.

14. Wore It Once

Wore It once is a wonderful place for selling or buying wedding dresses, gowns, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories or clothing items. You can sell your prom dresses here by setting up your custom shop after listing your dresses with other accessories. They also offer a one-time setup with fee without commission fees. You can sell an unlimited number of products here.

15. Wedding Bee

Wedding bee is also a popular website for providing advice, tips, and tricks to the wedding ceremony’s bridal couple. But most significantly, it is also famous for buying or selling wedding dresses. So, you can select this website to sell your prom dresses and get some cash easily.

16. Sell My Wedding Dress

Our last listed website name is ‘Sell My Wedding Dress. There have two listing options, one is a basic listing, and another is a premium option. You can choose anyone after visiting this site and sell your prom dresses. 


In conclusion, we hope you have better ideas to sell your prom dresses with other accessories and jewelry and earn extra money.

Most of the sites or apps make your job easy, and you can handle every task from your living room within a short time. They save your time and energy and help to get some dollars on each sale very easily.

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