4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Ruby as Your Fashion Jewelry

Ruby jewelry is a popular name that can be a good investment as it contains the most precious gemstones. Rubies are treasured by the kings of Siam (modern-day Thailand), Burma (modern-day Myanmar), and India, who assume that they will always bring positive outcomes to their respective countries. Rubies were also used by warriors to earn incredible strength on the battlefield, whereas merchants and traders saw them as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

This article will talk about 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Ruby as Your Fashion Jewelry. Usually, ruby jewelry is considered a lovely accent when you wear it with your favorite clothing. It’s such a popular stone among jewelry collectors all around the world. 

Why are rubies so popular in Jewellery

Many people prefer more sophisticated designs, which can help highlight their gemstone’s extraordinary natural beauty. Some people favor simple rings or necklaces that show their unique color. The jewelry collection of Leibish Ruby can offer a sense of how gorgeous these gemstones can look on you or your loved ones.

what is july’s birthstone

what is july's birthstone

If you were born in July, then you have two birthstones and they are Ruby and Carnelian. Ruby is the red variant of sapphire, and rubies exist in a range of reds from pinkish to purple. It can be given as a gift to celebrate during months when this stone isn’t featured. These stones are said to offer tranquility to the wearer and encourage reconciliation between couples.

Rubies were first discovered in Thailand around 600 BC. They have been regarded as both talismans and sources of wealth. The term ruby originates from the Latin word “ruber,” which means “red.” The name ruby derives from the Latin word “rubeus.”

Rubies are a type of corundum, an aluminum oxide crystal. Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and various African countries extract rubies. According to gemologists, rubies can also be found in exceptional observations on every continent. High-quality rubies are extremely rare and valuable all over the world.

Red Version Sapphire

How do I get the Sapphire in fire red

This mineral is a transparent and colorless rock-forming aluminum oxide that has several varieties, and because of the impurities, you get different colors. It suggests that the main difference between rubies and sapphires is that one is a specified shade of red and the others are not the same. 

Nevertheless, humans continue to view every stone as valuable only when it has a specific hue. This minor variance adds a large amount of value to the ruby market!

Red From Light Pink to Dark Blood Red shades

Actually, all the rubies are the same color. The percentage of chromium in the stone determines the color of the ruby. 

The red will be more bright and powerful if there is more chromium presence, where less chromium in the stone gives a lighter pink to red color. Other colors, like purple, orange, or brown, can be combined with the red in rubies, and these stones are called “Parti-color” rubies. 

The iron or rutile elements in the stone can also determine the color. These elements will affect the appearance of your gemstone. More significantly, these iron or rutile inclusions in cabochon-cut stones can provide starlight effects, and remember, stones are cut into an oval or domed-shaped profile.

The color usually tells you the preciousness of the ruby. You may have heard of “pigeon blood” rubies, which are another unique ruby. A deep red ruby with a little purple or orange tones is the most precious and desired colour. 

These are extremely rare and difficult to come by. The majority of pigeon blood rubies are found in Burma (Myanmar), but they can also be found in Thailand, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and other parts of the world in rare cases.

are rubies valuable

are rubies valuable

Ruby is a red variant of corundum, which is an aluminum oxide mineral. This is considered the second hardest natural stone after diamonds. It also has a high density and great durability to wear. So, the popularity will say how valuable this jewelry is! 

Some people believe that wearing rubies will improve their health and bring them success and growth. Ruby is commonly recognized to be a protective stone, with the belief that it will protect the wearer from evil. It is also meant to bring good fortune, prosperity, knowledge, and financial stability to the user.

Ruby is thought to be important for alleviating depression and tiredness, as well as boosting confidence in those who wear it. High-grade rubies are more valuable than diamonds of the same size. “Rare” is the antonym of “common,” hence it signifies “not frequently found or appearing.” The more precious the stone, the rarer it is!

When rubies have rich, brilliant red colors and aren’t too dark or light in color, they’re considered to be of good grade. Being put up to the light, the rarest rubies have been contrasted to the color of blood and the sun. Great and unique rubies are more precious than those with lower-quality coloration or imperfections inside.

Rubies Are a Beautiful Birthstone With a Wonderful History!

What is the nicest birthstone

Rubies have a Mohs hardness grade of 9, which makes the gemstones the strongest. They’re only equaled by diamonds in terms of durability, which is why they’re usually utilized in men’s jewelry like wedding bands and pinky rings. 

Rubies are also scratch-resistant and long-lasting, so they’ll last for a while. So, ruby is actually red, but the color of rubies ranges from deep crimson to bright vermillion.

Rubies have a long and glorious heritage of over a thousand years. They were thought to have supernatural qualities in ancient India and Burma, and they’ve been viewed to protect their users from misfortunes or harm while traveling through history. 

According to Hindu mythology, rubies can improve a people’s ability to focus and concentrate on a subject and to do better at work. It brings positivity!


1. What are the advantages of wearing ruby?

We’ve discovered lots of advantages to wearing rubies. Some of the key advantages of wearing rubies have been mentioned by astrologers.
Offers mental strength.
Keep safe from the evil eye.
Direct authority and luxuriousness.
It improves health condition.
strengthens family bonding.
It gives you a reputation and a character.
Helps to improve marital harmony.

2. Which fact made Ruby more valuable?

Ans. The most essential part that makes ruby vaulable is the color of ruby. A clean, brilliant red to slightly purplish red color characterizes the best ruby. 

3. Why does my ruby have a pink hue to it?

Ans. The small amount of chromium causes the reddish color in corundum. The more chromium, the more reddish the stone will be, and the less chromium, the pinker the stone will be.

4. Is black Ruby available?

Ans. No, it can’t be black, but the Ruby colors can vary from a deep blackish red to an orangish or pinkish red.

5. What is the rarest ruby color?

Ans. The Burma Ruby is considered the rarest ruby color. Also, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are the most valuable colored gemstones. The best ruby colors are available, from pink red ruby to a bright pigeon blood red. 


So, we have shared 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Ruby as Your Fashion Jewelry. Ruby is such a beautiful accessory that you can wear. Wearing Ruby Jewelry Can Improve Your Well-Being and Strengthen Your Sense of Confidence. You should also consider ruby for its value, rarity, and significance. 

For centuries, rubies were only available to royalty. Ruby jewelry can be the best choice if you want long-lasting jewelry that will look gorgeous for a long time. It is less expensive than diamonds, looks stunning, and comes in a variety of styles and colors.

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