What do I need to know before buying a massage table

Massaging is a way to get health benefits like boosting blood flow and increasing muscle recovery. We need a high-quality massage table or treatment table to get a comfortably positioned massage.

It is specialized equipment used for beauty treatments, tattoo creation, body massage, and to get other health benefits. The article will let you know about: What should I look for when buying a portable massage table – 8 Things to Consider. 

Massage tables are necessary for the patient’s utmost comfort, the recovery of muscular injuries, the relaxation of strains, and other purposes. So, in order to get the most comfortable feeling all day, let us offer the best lightweight massage table for a massage therapist

8 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Lightweight Massage Table

Best Massage Portable Massage Table

1. Position and Flexibility

Pick the right position in your house to locate the massage table. We highly suggest buying professional portable massage tables such as EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table or their other table products. Put marks on the floor, visualize the table in its placement, consider the lighting and place it.

Then, flexibility is another core part of buying a massage table. Buy adjustable tables with manual adjusters and electric lift features. Generally, massage therapists prefer to use lightweight portable massage tables. In that case, you can buy Massage Table Massage Bed Spa Bed.

2. Purpose and Portability

A professional massage table

Fix the purpose of buying the massage table so that you can utilize it properly. Think about your flexibility and clients before buying. 

On the other hand, portability is another significant part where the weight factor talks! Make sure you think about the table weight.

3. Features for Adjusting Equipment

Buy a massage table that features adjustable equipment. They are easy to use, so there will be no difficulty carrying them.

4. Quality of Fabrics

Purchase a leather-made massage table. They are long-lasting treatment products that are effortless to clean. Nowadays, synthetic leather is present on most tables.

PVC and PU leathers are highly popular nowadays. But we suggest buying PU leather tables as they are synthetic, soft, comfortable, and offer a luxurious feel.

5. Table weight capacity and width

best lightweight massage table

Most therapists suggest that a portable treatment table should weigh between 22 and 46 lbs (10–20 kg). Try to buy a lightweight and portable one so that you can transport it easily during the working routine.

Weight capacity is another important factor. It depends on the size of the client and the pressure that is being applied. You can pick a strong table that offers comfort as well as standability up to 500 lbs. 

Commonly, massage or spa tables vary in width from 27′′ to 33′′. But you can choose according to your needs. Also, check out the dimensions of the table before buying.

6. Materials and structure quality

Try to buy table that comes with conventional construction elements like table padding and foam that does not “off-gas” or “collapse.” Also, try buying a table that has added vinyl. 

7. Lifespan and Durability

Check the lifespan and durability of your massage table. It may vary from brand to brand and quality to quality. 

8. Guide and Price

Check out the guideline articles or comments where the customer has shared authentic reviews of the massage table. Pick the one that has comfortable features and flexibility. Also, make sure you consider the price range. Buy the one that is cost-friendly.

If you want more guidelines on buying a portable massage table, take a look at the best massage table for a massage therapist.

Final Words

So, we have mentioned What should I look for when buying a portable massage table. Now, you have to understand what you should consider before buying the best massage table. If you are thinking about buying a new portable massage table for the therapist, just consider our given tips.

We can ensure that you will be able to get a good massage table that can offer the best comfort zone. If you prefer a high-quality massage table at an affordable price, follow our given instructions and buy your best portable massage table to enjoy relaxation!

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