How to make a massage table comfortable ?

Imagine, you have bought a massage table, but it’s not comfortable to offer a relaxing therapy. Isn’t it disappointing? Don’t worry! In this article, we will share How to make a massage table comfortable – Best Effective Ways.

We often suggest buying a portable massage or treatment table that is made with high-quality features. A low-quality portable table does not offer much comfort. Sometimes the massage tables become uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. It might happen because of poor development,  poor maintenance, or due to misusing the table. 

Massage tables are like elegant desserts after taking the main dish. The fact is compared to people who need relaxation after a whole working day. It’s a heavenly time when you get massage therapy. So let us share how to make the massage experience more cozy and peaceful.

Comfortable portable massage table setup guideline

 best massage portable massage table

When you buy a portable massage table, make sure you check the adjusting or portable features, fabric quality, height and weight, durability, and pricing. Don’t forget to consider these things to get a comfortable massage table.

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Still, if you feel uncomfortable, we have tips for more relaxation! Bring popcorn and get all the tips and tricks to make a massage table comfortable. Now, let’s have a look at the best massage portable massage table instructions

1. Warmers for massage tables

The first recommendation is to use massage table warmers. If you are looking for herbal wraps, choose the water-proof warmers. A standard fabric table warmer will complete the task well if the treatment strategy excludes the use of moisture and free-flowing water.

2. Extra Padding in Massage Table

You can use additional cushioning or padding like soft massage fleece pad. It will enhance the comfort zone during the therapy, and it’s a better service giver than bare vinyl. 

Some people prefer wool fleece pads, while others recommend memory foam that is vinyl-covered. Therefore, we suggest choosing a very comfortable face cradle cushion. This is a great technique to soften a hard table to make a massage table comfortable. 

3. Pick the Ideal Massage Sheets

Make your massage therapy more comfortable for the clients by using massage sheets. Check to make sure it’s perfectly repaired, clean, undamaged, and does not produce smell of old oil. 

You can purchase massage flannel sheets, massage poly-cotton sheets, massage muslin sheets, massage cotton sheets, or massage bamboo sheets to make the therapy more comfortable. Also, you can add massage blanket to make the therapy more comfortable.

4. Check the Face Rest

If the customer or client stays in the same position for 30 to 40 minutes, the face rest and pressure that builds in the head or sinuses cause discomfort. So, always remember to ask about the face rest comfort zone and make modifications if necessary before the massage session. 

5. Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the best massage portable massage table instructions that can make the massage session more relaxing and soothing. Put one or two drops of your client’s selected essential oil on a cotton ball or tissue and arrange them slightly underneath the face rest of the massage table, and underneath the fitted sheet.

Apply hot or cold massage therapy

 best massage table for a massage therapist

You can use hot or cold therapy to make your client’s experience go from ordinary to outstanding. A therapist should try this idea to improve the comfort level. Also, adding more pillows would be great!

Apart from these ideas, you can make your massage table more pleasant by widening it, providing support for the shoulders and back, or turning it into a sanctuary. Sometimes, it’s necessary to clean the table, change the color, replace the face cushion and vinyl covering, strengthen the cradle, and improve the arm shelf to make the therapy more comfortable. 

Final Words

So, we have covered how to make a massage table comfortable. Follow our given ideas to make the massage more relaxing. If you somehow find your massage table offering uncomfortable situation, try our given tips. 

However, enjoy the massage session time by focusing on our given tips and tricks. The client will definitely love your therapy style! Before that, make sure you spend money on a quality massage table with excellent features.

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