Can You Bleach Wet Hair | 3 Effective Tips From Experts

Can you bleach wet hair?

Yes, it is a reality that you are allowed to color your hair when it is even wet. There are many examples, even in the salon, while the damp hair use is fully stabilized but repeatedly overlooked.

Think it when your highlighting has done, and they take you for shampooing so that you can remove the foil and wash the bleach; the rest of the color is done then and when your hair is wet.

Usually put, the hair color can apply on wet hair more than you can even realize. So, what is the distinction, you surprise? The difference comes for stability. Wet hair can’t make the strings less absorbent or liable to change. If it is essential to apply the color on dry or damp hair, it will be a kind of Dying process that we are using.

Let’s Find the Answer Can You Bleach Wet Hair?

bleaching wet hair at home

Step by step we are going to learn about benefits, processing and kinds of hair color while hair wet.

  1. The Benefits of Dyeing on Wet Hair
  2. Drawbacks to wet color hair
  3. Types of Hair Color on Wet Hair

The Benefits of Dyeing on Wet Hair

When you apply the hair color on your wet hair, there have some benefits that are worth making notes:

  • The dye can go a long time: The added moisture from water will help the dying color share itself. When applying dry hair, you should pay attention so closely to make sure a complete saturated each strand with the dye.
  • Wet hair can absorb more: While your hair is wet, it includes a higher porosity, which means it cuticle open itself a little bit that becomes ready to absorb liquid. It is essential to get an open opportunity to color to penetrate your hair shaft slightly more in-depth than dry hair.  
  • Contains mess: Let’s be practical. While it comes for many at-home hairs dying products, there are various relief types while instructed to apply color on wet hair. Apply the hair color and meshing all over the hair together until it foams in the shower that is a more comfortable way than the other useful methods like brush and bowl application.

Drawbacks to wet color hair

There have a few drawbacks to wet color hair. Let’s move on and know them essential before going to DYI, the hair at home or salon.

  • Bumpy Application: When you add the moisturizer to distribute the color, it is a less precise dying application. If you desire to come out from a drastic change, you should pay extra attention to dry hair application.
  • Water can potentially weaken the color: If you have such dry and damaged hair, so, the hair is already dried and seeking for moisturizer. IN such a scenario, the hair can be absorbed more water with a little bit room to left for the dyeing to penetrate your hair cortex. It doesn’t mean that it can’t work, but the result can be vibrant or not long live as you desired.
  • Prone to more damage: Your hair will become more helpless when it is wet. The cuticle is just like a shield that saves your wet hair; the cuticle opens itself up and weakens the bond that generally protects the inner cortex.

Types of Hair Color on Wet Hair

This can be another drawback, but dyeing the wet hair can’t work well for every color job. Permanent color works require a dry hair application. It means the hair will make lighter and darker.

When you hope to lighten hair that bleach has done, you have to dry strands to get a useful application that can’t bleed. If you use permanent color to dark the strands, dry hair will better get in and alter the state of the hair on a more in-depth level than just surface.

For this reason, below have hair color options for coloring your wet hair that is so effective.  

Semi-permanent hair color on wet hair

Semi-permanent hair color is known as a fantasy that is aggressive on the hair as they don’t include hydrogen peroxide and other oxidants without any ammonia that works well to improve your bleach hair.

These colors are provided to coat over the cuticle so simply. Since their jobs increase the hair’s tone a little and provides more fine change with a short life span. The formulation of those colors isn’t affected by the presence of water. They work great on wet hair because they can’t lift altering your hair in any permanent way.

Demi-permanent hair color on wet hair

What is the difference between semi and demi-permanent hair colors? The main difference between them is that demi-permanent hair color includes some ammonia into both of them and will penetrate the hair shaft on a deeper level than the more comfortable coating of a semi-permanent.

With much more absorption your color, demi-permanent will go for five-time longer life than semi-permanent color. Despite the presence of ammonia, it is a temporary color, and you can apply it on wet hair without any effect on the hair color.

The negligible drawback is that the hair adds a potential to absorb much more water but not as more dye that could slightly dilute the color formulation a little bit and knock some shampoo off your hair color’s long lifetime. It isn’t a significant issue, but something has to worth knowing.

Temporary hair dye on wet hair

We can’t think of them as semi or demi-permanent hair dyeing for the better bleach, but they are such useful pops of light pink or lighter and pastel-hued tones. The toners use to neutralize the highlighters at the shampoo bowl classified as a temporary hair dye and are protective to use on your wet hair.

As a simple rule of thumb, you have to keep in mind as long as the change you look for making your hair color is temporary or not permanent on wet hair application, that is a foolproof option with benefits from this side.

Have you to bleach your wet hair?

Finally, with the following knowledge of hair dyeing technique, you may tempt to try the lightening process at home. Can you bleach wet hair? Yes, but before going to bleach your damp hair, we request you to maneuver clear. The hair is in the most fragile situation when it is wet, so use bleach on it that can be the reason for a few severe damage if you don’t do it the right way.

For better bleach on hair, don’t try the technique at home if your experience isn’t well. Please book your appointment at the best salon in your area and consult with them.

We hope if you go salon for bleaching your hair, this article will help you know your hair condition and the salon’s service. Here you can do a difference good and bad service overall.

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