How to Clean a Comb-Your Ultimate Guide

Who does not love styling and indulging own hair? But never-ending cleaning list troubles you? We always forget about dirty hair comb. Today we will learn common things but technical steps “how to clean a comb” and disinfect our comb.

If you find your combs are full of leftovers and craggy residues, it can harm your hair and scalp health. Assume that you’ve just washed your hairs, and it is all super clean and beautiful.

Then you start brushing your freshly washed hair with the comb you used on your dirty-greasy hair before.

Just think of it for a +minute before you go. Brushing hair with unclean combs is not a proper tendency for healthy hair. Cleaning the hair comb that you use regularly is not only good for the object but also helps you to enjoy a healthy-clean hair and scalp. 

Why Cleaning Your Hair Comb is Essential?

You may question why regularly cleaning your hair comb is essential? Let’s talk about this. Using your regular hairbrush on hair spreads the natural oils of your hair and any hair care products as well throughout your hairs and scalp. All these oils and cosmetics stick to your comb with time.

Moreover, naturally fallen out hair strands and the dead skins from the scalp stick to it as well. Such residues can influence the working pattern of your comb and will be ending up spoiling your hair. So, you must take time out to clean your hair comb frequently.

Steps How to Clean a Comb?

how to clean comb

As your hygiene concerns, it is essential to keep items of regular use like combs tidy. A hair comb is a home to bacteria, hair products, fallen hair, and dead cells. Using it is incredibly damaging to your hair’s strength.

No! Wait! You need not throw the old combs and grab a new one as, over the time of usage, it has collected all the dirt. Here are a few precious ideas for keeping your comb clean and working like new. There are 3 ways to get a fresh comb in minutes! 

  1. Clean the comb
  2. Disinfect the comb
  3. Deodorize the comb

A quick step-by-step walk through the procedure of cleaning up of regular comb is discussed below.

1. Clean the Comb

Remove the old hairs: You must ensure the removal of all the old hair in the comb as these can mess your clean hair. Use a pen or pencil or even toothpick to take the excess hair off the hair comb. You can use another comb with fine-tooth to remove the old hairs from your hair comb.

If removing the hair gets hard, cut the hair. You can damp the hair-comb as well to soften the hair and remove them quickly.

Prepare the solution: You need to use a mild shampoo to confirm it works on the residue of the hair product perfectly that is on your hair combs. The baby shampoo also works well in removing debris from the hair comb. Pour shampoo in a little amount and incorporate well with lukewarm water.

Soak the comb: Let the hair comb soak into the shampoo mixed water to loosen the debris, hair, and hair-styling items that got stuck to the tooth of a hair comb.

Clean the dirt: If you think the hair combs need further scrubbing, use a brush to scrub the hair comb’s tooth and the body. It will be easier to remove dirt and hair products and make sure your comb is clean when done.

Rinse and dry the comb: Rinse the comb with running water so that no shampoo left on it. After rinsing, wipe with a towel and before use leave it overnight to air dry.

When it is completely dry, you get a fresh, clean comb to style your hair.   


2. Disinfect the Comb

Prepare the solution: To disinfect your comb, add vinegar into the lukewarm water instead of shampoo. Take vinegar and warm water in equal amount and give a good mix. 

Soak the comb: Vinegar serves as an excellent disinfectant and helps the hair combs to free themselves from debris, dirt, and bacteria. Immerse the combs in this mixture for at least 20 minutes and let the stuck dirt and hair product to remove.

Rinse and dry the comb: Using warm water, rinse the comb to ensure no mixture left on it. After cleaning, wipe with a towel and let it dry in air. For an excellent result, wait overnight to dry before use.

All done! Your combs are clean and ready to use. 


3. Deodorize the Comb

Prepare the solution: For deodorizing your comb, add baking soda measuring a tablespoon in a one and a half cup of water. Mix the solution well.

Soak the comb: Submerge the combs into the mixture for 15-20 minutes to activate the baking soda to work. It will free the comb from debris, dirt, and bacteria.

Dry the comb: Remove the combs from the mixture and wipe with a towel. Then, let it dry in the air overnight. 

Tada, It’s done! Now your combs are tidy and all set to use them to retain your fantastic locks beautifully.

Additional Tips

  • Discard fallen hair strands trapped in your comb as it can develop oil on your hairline and harm your hair.
  • Throw the hairs from comb after every time you use your comb
  • Clean your hair comb with a soft hand so that the tooth of the comb does not break apart.
  • Don’t use your finger or nail to clean a comb. The tooth or the bristles can poke your finger or nails, which may hurt you.

Concluding Remarks

You did not consider cleaning your comb so frequently before and repeatedly go on for a long time without cleaning it. But after learning from above how to clean a comb, it takes me less than 10 minutes in the entire procedure.

The steps of cleaning so easy that each time I follow the process, I honestly surprise why I delayed cleaning for a long time earlier. Our suggestion is to clean your hair comb as a minimum once a week. 

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